Transikid from Nutrione is a supplement for children. It is made from mallow extract and prune juice. This combination is very useful for the little ones. The mallow helps to improve the immune system, in addition to containing vitamins A, B1, B2 and C. The plum juice is perfect for improving the children's digestive system.

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    Transikid from Nutrione, excellent natural supplement for children, guaranteeing vitamins and strengthening of the immune system.

    Transikid from Nutrione intended to be taken by children as a supplement that contributes to their growth and development. It is made from mallow extract and plum juice. The combination of this pair of ingredients manages to provide nutrients for children's health, while having a pleasant taste that children love. First, it stands out the benefits of mallow. This plant contains anthocyanins, essential oil and certain amounts of vitamin A, B1, B2 and C. Its benefits are recognized to make the immune system much stronger, so it prevents children from diseases such as colds or fever. Also, it is very useful to have a stronger skin and able to heal faster. To this, the properties of plum extract are added as a protector of the digestive functions. Therefore, if parents want their offspring to be healthier, it is recommended that they rely on Transikid from Nutrione to achieve this goal.

    One of the keys to getting children to grow strong and vital is to have a healthy childhood. For this, it is necessary that they have a strengthened immune system, able to avoid diseases that hinder their growth. That is why it is necessary to give them supplements such as Transikid from Nutrione, which thanks to its formula with extracts of mallow achieves that children's defenses increase significantly. It happens that the mallow is a plant used for a long time in natural medicine. It is very common to use it to cleanse toxins in the body, while it decongests the respiratory system and improves the health of the skin. In the case of children, it is very useful for them to stay strong and very healthy. In addition, the plum extract with which it combines makes the small ones have a more resistant digestive system. In short, Transikid from Nutrione makes the small ones much healthier, making the growth process successful.

    Facts of Transikid from Nutrione

    • Children's Supplement
    • Made from mallow extract
    • Combined with plum juice
    • Ideal for improving the immune system
    • Prevents illnesses
    • Tasty

    Caring for the health of children during their infancy is necessary for optimal growth. For this reason, it is suggested to have supplements such as Transikid from Nutrione.

    Recommended Use: shake well before use. Give the child 10 ml a day (with dispensing cap). From 3 years old.

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