Taurine - 90 vcaps

Taurine from Nutrione is the best protein ideal for you, because it is a nutritional supplement that provides the amino acid taurine that gives you all the energy you need for that sport or hard training. It is an antioxidant and natural toxin eliminator.

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    Taurine from Nutrione, your antioxidant and natural toxin remover, in vegetable capsules, to facilitate digestion and rapid assimilation.

    Taurine from Nutrione is of great help to the organism as it is in the maintenance of organs and cellular functions. Because of its characteristics, such as the stabilization of fluid balance in cells and its antioxidant effect, as well as its incidence that helps the heart muscle. It has a positive anti-arrhythmia effect on the heart muscle which means it increases regularity and strengthens heart contractions. Also, along with a blood pressure regulator, taurine supplements lower cholesterol levels as it stimulates biliary flow ensuring you the tranquility and well-being that only Nutrione can offer you.

    Taurine from Nutrione is a potent product that is involved in the transmission of the nerve impulse, the stabilization of the cellular membrane and the processes of the immune system. Taurine is particularly effective in inhibiting the oxidation of (fats) and thus is able to protect the retina from oxidative damage thanks to the benefits of this amino acid, characterized mainly by its slow absorption in the body. Its great function is to avoid the degradation of the main muscles, since this can originate that the organism is nourished of its own muscle tissues.

    Taurine from Nutrione is the amino acid in free form most abundant in the muscle tissue. It is also considered an as conditioned or essential-convertible essential amino acid, indespensable and fundamental in some intense workouts. Taurine helps in the absorption of fats and fat-soluble vitamins, as it is a component of bile acids. At the same time, taurine is related with a higher state of concentration and improvements in the intellectual and physical level, due to its action in the neuromuscular system. It helps reduce blood glucose, regulates blood pressure, improves endurance and allows a fast recovery muscle ideal for the modern sportsman.

    Facts of Taurine from Nutrione

    • Reduces toxins.
    • It is a natural antioxidant.
    • Regulates high blood pressure and reduce cholesterol.
    • Aids in muscle recovery and regeneration.
    • It has potent digestive enzymes.
    • Prevents muscle catabolism.

    Taurine from Nutrione offers you a relaxing effect in terms of calming and relaxing the organism, ideal after training because it guarantees the comfort and well-being that you are looking for that only Nutrione can offer you, effective against stress, so do not look for other products because Nutrione has the solution for you.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, take one (1) vegetable capsule a day, between meals, with a glass of water.

    Reviews Taurine - 90 vcaps

    • 02/08/2018

    Es un producto de buena calidad para su precio. uy recomendable

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