Refuel Gel from Nutrione is an energetic and stimulating gel with a pleasant taste and texture that helps to combat fatigue during training, protects muscles in high intensity exercises, replenishes lost nutrients and favors concentration. Everything an athlete or person keen on fitness wants to achieve goals and improve performance.

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    Refuel Gel from Nutrione provides immediate energy and improves concentration for better performance.

    Refuel Gel from Nutrione is a sports gel with an excellent revitalizing and stimulating effect. Taking it before or during training will provide immediate energy thanks to its excellent assimilability. In addition, it contains caffeine, taurine and is enriched with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes to boost recovery and provide the best fuel to continue giving everything. Gels in sports are the star supplements, and for those who practice a professional activity or simply follow a fitness routine, they are the best ally to get an important source of energy quickly.

    In this case, Refuel Gel from Nutrione is an excellent alternative, because unlike other products, it contains an advanced formula with taurine, caffeine, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes to energetically stimulate the body and replenish each of the nutrients lost during sweating. It provides approximately 9 kcal and 20 g of carbohydrates, an amount sufficient to provide in a prolonged way all the energy that the body and muscles need during exercise. As for taurine, all its advantages were incorporated into Refuel Gel from Nutrione as it protects muscles in high intensity moments, participates in the processes of detoxification, favoring the regeneration of muscles and eliminating certain residues resulting from physical practice. Now, we can not forget caffeine, another ingredient of excellent composition, which increases concentration, fights fatigue or tiredness and improves sports performance incredibly. Refuel Gel is the athletic complement that every athlete needs to focus and reach goals. Best of all, it comes in a comfortable 30 ml format, easy to open and take, anytime and everywhere, also has a gelatinous consistency and is very tasty, so it will not be a problem swallowing or consuming it during training or competition as opposed to water or other simpler drinks.

    Facts of Refuel Gel from Nutrione

    • Revitalizing and stimulating effect
    • With caffeine and taurine
    • Enriched with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes
    • Stimulates recovery
    • Combats tiredness and fatigue
    • Rich source of energy and vitality
    • Fast and excellent assimilation
    • Increases concentration
    • Protects muscles in high intensity exercises
    • Gelatinous texture and pleasant taste
    • 30 ml container
    • Easy to open

    Sports practice has a higher energy demand than any other daily activity, so it is always advisable to have available fast-acting energy sources such as Refuel Gel from Nutrione in order to avoid exhaustion and immediately replenish lost nutrients.

    Recommended Use: take 1 container (30 ml) before, during or after physical activity. You can drink more, depending on the requirements.

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