Recovery Complet from Nutrione is a nutritional supplement made with proteins plus whey isolate, rich in amino acids that will help you recover your muscles quickly after each day of training, no matter how hard and extensive that day has been. It contains no fat and has a rich flavor.

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Recovery Complet from Nutrione, the ultimate recuperator of energy and muscle tissue with the simplest formula of amino acids and protein. Orange flavored.

Recovery Complet from Nutrione is composed of a powdered whey protein isolate of high biological value in charge of supplying all the amino acids essential for a fast and maximum recovery of muscle mass and tissues, giving us a longer training session, with a long and prolonged period of time to perform our exercises, delaying physical exhaustion. Among the main elements are found branched chain amino acids (BCAAs: L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine) with glutamine and vitamins, all so that your body has the best repair of your muscle systems and there is more energetic power when passing the days and workouts, because the body is adapting more to these without overload.

Recovery Complet from Nutrione has all the advantages of a muscle recuperator, apart from that it has the extra vitamin supplement important for the maintenance of muscles and energy from glycogen. The BCAA formula (2:1:1) has the best ratio of these amino acids, which indicates that there are more doses of leucine because it is a great protein synthesizer and glutamine, which making it to have a constant activity. Its extra element is that it protects the body by strengthening the immune system. L-glutamine, is the best muscle sustainer, serves so that the muscles exercised do not lose volume. The vitamins contained in this complex are mostly for the better functioning of body repair elements and muscle mass, such as vitamin B6, vitamin E and vitamin C. Everything is put together to create the ultimate recuperator of our body.

Recovery Complet from Nutrione contains no fats of any kind, making more elaborate and clean your muscle mass gain and recovery. This recuperator is comfortably ingested and quick to prepare for before or after training that the absorption, so that the attack to the muscular tissues is the most immediate possible, avoiding the swelling or exhaustion of the intensely trained muscles. Glutamine acts in the process of preserving muscle volume in the ideal and bioavailable way as its use is preferable without any other element that interferes with that process.

Facts of Recovery Complet from Nutrione

  • Maximum muscle recovery
  • Promotes the synthesis of proteins
  • High protein biological content with whey isolate
  • BCAAs with excellent 2:1:1 ratio for high recovery and protein synthesis
  • Contains the best muscle mass sustainer: L-glutamine
  • Favors vitamins that help maintenance and muscle growth
  • Delicious orange flavor
  • Fat free, for a clean diet

Recovery Complet from Nutrione achieves your colossal sports performance by stretching your training hours, turning you into a tank against the most exhaustive and demanding exercises in your routines. Your muscle cells will have all the recuperative nutrients, so that there is no "overtraining syndrome". Recovery Complet is in Nutrione range of Nutrytec Laboratories, all for innovative high quality muscle nutrition to lead a balanced and healthy diet.

Recommended Use: as a dietary supplement, dissolve 20 g of the powder (1 20-ounce ladle) in 300 ml of water and drink it during or after training.

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