Plantago ovata from Nutrione is a nutritional supplement with an excellent laxative effect and rich in soluble fiber to regulate the intestine and enjoy a better digestive health. It fights constipation, relieves the Irritable Bowel Syndrome and prevents hemorrhoids and, if that's not enough, is also totally recommended to lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

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    Plantago ovata from Nutrione, a natural choice to treat constipation and improve the intestinal transit.

    Plantago ovata from Nutrione is a nutritional supplement with an excellent source of soluble fiber that helps to regulate the intestine, detoxifies it and also improves the control of blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Ideal for leading a healthy lifestyle and saying goodbye to digestive discomfort. Generally, Plantago Ovata seeds are highly known to have an excellent laxative effect, as they have the property of retaining fluid, provide moisture and volume to the faecal mass, providing better consistency so that it can traverse the intestine and thus prevent constipation. Even with its active ingredients, it is also a natural component to relieve hemorrhoids and treat the Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

    Usually, people find it difficult to go to the restroom regularly because they are on a low-fiber diet, however, the main advantage of taking Plantago ovata from Nutrione is that it will provide an excellent natural proportion to achieve relief and optimum digestive health. On the other hand, its consumption is also associated with the reduction of cholesterol and blood sugar, thus being a suitable supplement for those who wish to improve the proper operation of the body. An additional benefit of Plantago ovata from Nutrione is that, being formulated with natural extracts of this excellent plant, it does not produce dependence unlike most of the conventional laxatives that are on the market. In that sense, it is an ideal way to enjoy optimal intestinal health without any inconveniences or limitations. To provide optimum comfort in your consumption, this authentic natural formula has been designed with an advanced V-One caps technology that uses 100% vegetable capsules, fully suited for vegans or allergy sufferers and who wish to lead a healthy lifestyle.

    Facts of Plantago ovata from Nutrione

    • High soluble fiber content
    • Regulates and improves digestive health
    • Detoxifies the intestine
    • Provides better fecal transit
    • Prevents the appearance of hemorrhoids and helps treat the IBS
    • Reduces cholesterol and blood sugar levels
    • Does not create dependency
    • 100% natural consumption
    • 90 vegetable allergen-free capsules
    • Suitable for people with difficulty to go to the restroom regularly

    It is important to include enough fiber in the diet to ensure a highly healthy digestive system, the good news is that Plantago ovata from Nutrione is the perfect supplement to achieve it, as it stimulates the cleansing of the intestine, combats the discomfort of constipation and provides excellent relief everyday.

    Recommended Use: take 2 capsules daily at breakfast or dinner, accompanied with a glass of water.

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