Magnesium Gel from Nutrione is a gel designed to improve the processes of neuromuscular transmission, energy release, fatigue reduction and that you can choose in 3 delicious flavors, Cola, Lime and Red Fruits. Ideal for all athletes who train in an intense and prolonged way.

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    Magnesium Gel from Nutrione strengthens the immune system.

    When intense physical activity is carried out in a prolonged way the body gradually consume its energy, which in case of not being recovered, cause the body to begin to suffer from fatigue which reduces physical performance, this fatigue can cause cramps and injuries, for this reason, Magnesium Gel from Nutrione has created, which thanks to its specialized formula, will recharge and maintain your energy deposits providing the body with fructose and glucose, which are simple sugars that are assimilated quickly in the human body, this is because both sugars do not share the same intestinal transporter, which translates into a better absorption of carbohydrates managing to maintain energy and glucose levels when they are low, ideal for those intense and prolonged physical activities. It is important to note that magnesium is related to neuromuscular transmission processes, that is, it regulates the operation of the nervous system and the psychological function of athletes. In the same way this gel also intervenes in the proper operation of the muscles, process of cell division, protein synthesis, etc.

    Magnesium Gel from Nutrione are made from the best ingredients, and in addition, fructose and glucose, provides essential minerals to maintain good physical performance, such as magnesium and zinc, the first is mainly used to prevent cramps, muscle injuries and the sensation of fatigue, and the second is used to strengthen the immune system, improves the energy metabolism, helping to assimilate carbohydrates more quickly and one of its most important functions is to allow a deeper sleep, which translates into a better rest for the body.

    Facts of Magnesium Gel from Nutrione

    • Made from the best quality ingredients.
    • Provides minerals such as zinc and magnesium.
    • Keeps energy deposits constant.
    • Provides carbohydrates, glucose and fructose to the body.
    • Balances the levels of glucose in the blood.
    • Prevents fatigue and muscle cramps during exercise.
    • Ideal for intense and prolonged physical activities.
    • Improves rest after exercise and strengthens the immune system.
    • Delicious flavors to Cola, Lim and Red Fruits.
    • Practical container and attractive presentation.

    Magnesium Gel from Nutrione is ideal for those sportsmen, athletes or ordinary people who train in an intense and prolonged way, and want to maintain a high physical performance without decay, thanks to its large amount of carbohydrates, glucose and fructose, which are absorbed quickly in the body and maintain the energy levels in case they diminish, besides that can be enjoyed in 3 rich flavors, Cola, Lime and Red Fruits.

    Recommended Use: consume 1 to 4 gels a day. It is recommended to take 1 gel, 15 minutes before and 1 gel during the physical exercise every 45 minutes for better results. Keep in a cool and safe place. Drink water after consumption.

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