L-lysine from Nutrione is an ideal supplement for you, with all the amino acids necessary for optimum performance in those training moments in which your body needs the best to be toned. Great stimulant for muscle growth and energy source.

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    L-lysine from Nutrione stimulates your body for a great and fast muscle growth, guaranteeing the adequate absorption of calcium and maximum energy supply.

    L-lysine from Nutrione is par excellence a product with a wide variety of amino acids giving you all the supplements your body needs, with a perfect combination so that all areas of the body can be worked and thus get the best result in an effective and very healthy, it is one of the ten essential amino acids that plays vital functions to keep your body healthy because, with a certain training routine, along with a balanced diet it will allow you to achieve the figure you want. Thanks to lysine, an essential amino acid and fundamental for our organism and that we can obtain it through this product. As you know, an amino acid is essential because it can not be synthesized in the body, so that it can be added to our body.

    L-lysine from Nutrione has a variety of other compounds that contain some food substitutes to provide a complete diet enhanced with vitamins and minerals, where they are essential for those athletes who need to save time when performing hard workouts and should be fed more frequently. It is an essential amino acid essential for proper and adequate growth, helping to improve the absorption of calcium and being useful in the stimulation of growth hormone and being an essential amino acid, is essential for our organism, being necessary in a great diversity of aspects, being able to find it in high concentrations in the musculature.

    L-lysine from Nutrione developed for those who need effectiveness and performance in intense training routines, and achieve a short-term result, and be comfortable so that you do not need other brands supplements, having everything you require. Nutrione is a leading brand in nutrition and supplements, with a wide range of products brings us a very useful product to fluidize the blood, preventing the formation of blood clots. In addition, it helps repair damaged cells by the effects of free radicals, being useful in delaying cellular aging thanks to L-lysine in conjunction with a balanced diet.

    Facts of L-lysine from Nutrione

    • Ensures adequate absorption of calcium.
    • Stimulates the growth of muscle mass.
    • Helps form collagen (which is part of cartilage and connective tissue).
    • Increases energy.
    • Improves physical performance.

    L-lysine from Nutrione is elaborated under quality standards, developed and supervised by experts of the sports area, as well as qualified personnel in nutrition and pharmacy, guaranteeing quality products that assure you a body with the best nutrients and energy for your better well-being.

    Recommended Use: as a dietary supplement, take one (1) to two (2) vegetable capsules a day between meals, with a glass of water.

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