L-glycine - 90 vcaps

L-glycine from Nutrione is a wonderful nutritional supplement ideal for athletes worried about their health. It includes in your diet glycine, prevents the occurrence of muscle pain after each workout and tones your muscles in a 100% natural way.

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    L-glycine from Nutrione. Enrich your diet with the best amino acid: Glycine.

    L-glycine from Nutrione is a food supplement enriched with Glycine, which is used to synthesize numerous substances such as creatine, bile salts, collagen and elastin necessary for skin and cartilage, as well as the antioxidant enzyme. L-glycine from Nutrione is a dietary supplement designed especially for people like you who lead a sporty life, athletes that perform high efforts and routines of physical exercises, people who want a greater muscle mass, an excellent physical and mental development .

    L-glycine from Nutrione can enrich the diet that you take as an athlete with a large amount of amino acid from specific foods making it easier, only you will have the power to choose if you want to include some other amino acid to your food diet to ensure the extra contribution. With L-glycine from Nutrione, you will have an excellent function of your DNA a correct synthesis of the hemoglobin to oxygenate your whole body and thus to have a better development and operation of all the muscles, strengthening your performance in your activities of routine of exercises.

    L-glycine from Nutrione comes in an excellent packaging presentation of 90 100%-vegetable capsules ideal for people who prefer to consume animal gelatin, contains 500 mg of L-glycine per capsule, is ideal for elderly people who have greater joint wear and more demand for proteins, also for people with muscle pain, relieving those annoying symptoms and in turn preventing future muscle injuries, so you can perform your sports routines without worrying.

    Facts of L-glycine from Nutrione

    • Available in packaging presentation of 90 capsules.
    • 500 mg L-glycine per capsules.
    • Contains 100% vegetable capsules.
    • Ideal for people who are constantly suffering from muscle aches.
    • Recommended for elderly people.
    • For people wishing to enrich their diet with glycine amino acid.
    • Strengthens skin giving elasticity and collagen.
    • Ensures proper functioning of the central nervous system.
    • Tones your muscles.
    • Does not generate any side effects that may harm your health.

    L-glycine from Nutrione is ideal for athletes who want to carry a whole healthy and balanced diet, enriched, free of gluten, fats, and that want to add some extra amino acid to your diet, with L-glycine from Nutrione, you will have a greater physical and mental performance, you will have guaranteed a correct functioning of your central nervous system and muscular system, you will have the synthesis of proteins as the hemoglobin responsible for the transport of oxygen throughout your body and the correct function of DNA.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, take one (1) to two (2) capsules daily, before training.

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