Taking L-Glutamine from Nutrione stimulates a great amount of processes of the metabolism. This product, in its format of 90 vegetable capsules, provides the body with the amino acid glutamine, which strengthens muscle tissues, the immune system and catalyzes the production of glycogen. In this way, diseases are prevented and a high level physical health is maintained.

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    L-Glutamine from Nutrione. Improve your metabolism as well as your tissues and muscles with glutamine of the best quality.

    La L-Glutamine from Nutrione is sold in the form of 90 vegetable capsules, that is, the wrapper is extracted from the plants, which makes it 100% healthy and natural. Its consumption ensures that the body has a constant dose of glutamine, this substance being an anticatabolic amino acid that protects and at the same time increases muscle mass.

    It also nourishes the immune system and in situations of great anxiety is activated to generate greater tranquility. On the other hand, this amino acid also considerably strengthens the immune system. In this way, the consumption of L-Glutamine from Nutrione ensures that athletes keeps their muscles undamaged in the case of very weary exercises. It also collaborates in the formation of cells that make up the fibers of these tissues. Along with all this, they have a healthier life, are less likely to contract illnesses, better control situations of pressure or stress. Finally, it should be mentioned that glutamine is an essential component in the synthesis of glycogen and strengthens the activity of the digestive organs of the human body.

    It turns out that glutamine is an anti-catabolic amino acid and eminent essential in the metabolism of people, as it is in fact the most abundant in human biochemistry. In fact, about 60% of the amino acid content comes from glutamine. It helps the production of growth hormone, combats the symptoms of premature fatigue and is an excellent cell volume generator. The latter means that it creates tissues, especially of the muscular type. Likewise, it is important to mention that it is part of a considerable part of the immune system, so it prevents a great amount of disorders from bacterial and viral infections. It is also a catalyst for glycogen, so it also generates energy reserves for the body, which are very useful in case of physical work, such as running, jumping or activities that require body power.

    Facts of L-Glutamine from Nutrione

    • Offered in the form of 90 vegetable capsules
    • Food supplement based on the amino acid glutamine
    • Protects muscle mass and ensures its growth
    • Strengthens the immune system
    • Combats muscle fatigue
    • Boosts the generation of glycogen
    • Improves the operation of the digestive system
    • Provides energy to the body in case of extreme activity.

    By using L-Glutamine from Nutrione you count on a versatile supplement, as it collaborates with a variety of functions in the body. It stimulates muscle growth, protects the digestive and immune systems and helps create an energy reserve for the body because it drives the synthesis of glycogen.

    Recommended use: for adults only, consume one (1) vegetable capsule per day between meals, accompanied by plenty of water or fruit juice.

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