Isotonic Gel from Nutrione is a delicious sports drink composed of carbohydrates, minerals, electrolytes and vitamins to achieve a fast recovery, maintain optimal hydration and combat fatigue. In addition, it has a pleasant taste and excellent consistency to enjoy an excellent energy replacement.

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    Isotonic Gel from Nutrione, powerful energy recuperator that can not be missed during training.

    Isotonic Gel from Nutrione is a sports drink with a pleasant taste and consistency that helps to achieve a fast recovery immediately after its intake, as it contains an excellent combination of carbohydrates, minerals and electrolytes to replenish the water and salts lost through sweating.

    Taking before, during or after training is highly recommended to combat fatigue and achieve optimal physical performance. Carbohydrates are essential in an athlete's diet since they are the main source of energy, however, eating energy food before or during exercise is impossible in addition that the body takes time to digest. In that sense, the best alternative is to incorporate the intake of isotonic drinks such as Isotonic Gel from Nutrione as it maintains the average level of glucose and incorporates vitality in a matter of seconds.

    Isotonic Gel from Nutrione replenishes the energy lost during exercise and in turn helps maintain fluid balance in the body to prevent dehydration or tiredness. Best of all is that the advanced composition incorporates the advantages of vitamins, which stimulate energy metabolism and are ideal for improving assimilation of nutrients. We know that water is vital for life and to maintain the correct operation of the body, but when it comes to sports the demands are much higher, therefore, it is often preferable to drink an isotonic drink than a bottle of water since it quickly replaces liquids and minerals lost through sweating or physical exhaustion. Isotonic Gel from Nutrione not only helps recovery immediately after its intake, it also improves performance, which means an excellent sports supplement to take on the days you train and enjoy all of these excellent benefits that only Nutrione can offer.

    Facts of Isotonic Gel from Nutrione

    • Sporty drink with a pleasant taste and excellent consistency
    • Power recovery immediately after its intake
    • Maximum asimilation
    • Enriched with vitamins, electrolytes, minerals and carbohydrates
    • Helps restore water and salts lost during sweating
    • Combats fatigue and tiredness
    • Improves performance
    • Convenient 40 ml format for easy transport.

    When it comes to exercising and undergoing great physical exertion, it is practically a must to be well hydrated, so Isotonic Gel from Nutrione is exactly what it takes to replenish lost nutrients and recover quickly.

    Recommended Use: take 1 Isotonic Gel from Nutrione (40 ml) before, during or after physical exercise.

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