Horsetail Extract from Nutrione, in its format of 90 softgels, helps notably to lose weight, while eliminating the toxins present in the body. It is a great diuretic that removes excess fluid from the body. Likewise, it is a magnificent healing product at the same time that it makes the metabolism stabler and safer.

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    Horsetail Extract from Nutrione, excellent supplement to purify the body effectively and lose those extra kilos.

    Horsetail Extract from Nutrione is offered to the public in a container containing 90 softgels. It is a nutritional supplement designed to lose weight and eliminate the toxins present in the body. The horsetail (Equisetum arvense) is a shrub that grows on the banks of lakes and streams. It is extremely famous as a medicinal plant and in popular culture you are told a lot of benefits. Perfect for overweight treatments. In essence, this plant organism stands out for its diuretic properties. In addition, it has numerous minerals such as silica and a high dose flavonoids, salts of potassium and saponides that help the body maintain an optimal balance of fluids in the body. Along with all of the above, it happens that Horsetail Extract from Nutrione is an excellent healing product and helps to care for the skin. In this way, it is presented as a comprehensive health product, which besides helping to lose weight is responsible for cleaning the body of substances that are harmful.

    Horsetail is extremely rich in silicon. Its depurative properties deplete bacteria, toxins and fungi. This makes the blood and body fluids cleaner. As a direct consequence, there are fewer eczema and pimples. It also makes the hair and nails look much healthier and stronger. It is important to say that it helps to lose weight, but not precisely because it removes fats from the body, but the excess of fluids that make the organs and abdomen look much more bulky. In any given case, it does help the metabolism to have less work and therefore can process the lipids faster. In any case, it is an excellent supplement to keep the body much healthier and ready to improve the digestive function. Also, it is very good for regenerating tissues, as it has antioxidant properties and allows to delay the symptoms of premature aging. Also, it is recognized its contribution in the capacity to heal wounds and to avoid the loss of blood in the face of any type of hemorrhage.

    Facts of Horsetail Extract from Nutrione

    • In bottle with 90 softgels
    • Extract from the horsetail plant
    • Helps lose weight
    • Eliminates accumulated toxins in the body
    • Important diuretic properties
    • Improves healing processes
    • Antioxidant properties

    It has important benefits to remove harmful substances through the flow of urine. It helps weight loss and keeps the metabolism in better condition. Excellent healing agent that helps to regenerate the tissues.

    Recommended Use: take 2 or 3 capsules in the morning or before bedtime. Take with plenty of water or natural juice.

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