The vegetable capsules of Gaba from Nutrione are a nutritional supplement designed to give the body more energy and physical endurance, either to undergo strong trainings or to carry out more effectively the daily activities. Thanks to Gaba, a neurotransmitter amino acid, these capsules offer both physical and mental benefits.

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    What do you take it for? Lose fat and increase muscle mass
    How is it taken? Capsule / s with a glass of water
    Size per dose From one to two services
    How many times? Once or twice a day
    When should it be taken? At breakfast and dinner
    Usos Definición Muscular

    Gaba from Nutrione, ideal dietary supplement to lose weight effectively.

    Gaba from Nutrione is a nutritional supplement designed to burn fat quickly, increase energy levels and gain muscle mass. In the same way, this product has a great amount of benefits thanks to the gaba, its main component, which is an amino acid that works wonders for the nervous system; Including, the improvement of the sleep cycle, increase of the mood and decrease of both anxiety and appetite.

    These capsules are ideal for both people with sleep problems and those who wish to undergo some type of physical training and need more energy to endure. It is an ideal product for anyone who wants to have more energy, give more by exercising, sleep better or lose weight.

    The amount of energy we have in our bodies will depend on many factors, from food to our sleep patterns. Unfortunately, there are times when we are very stressed because we begin to have problems sleeping and this affects our daily performance. The vegetable capsules of Gaba from Nutrione were developed to help people who fall through energy slumps or have insomnia problems. In addition, its advanced composition also helps with weight loss, decreased appetite and muscle mass buildup. If you are looking for a natural product that can help you improve a wide variety of aspects of your daily life, then The vegetable capsules of Gaba from Nutrione are the perfect supplement for you.

    Facts of Gaba from Nutrione

    • Thanks to its relaxing properties, it helps to fall asleep much more easily.
    • Due to its amino acid composition, it accelerates the regeneration of the muscles, increasing the performance during any type of training.
    • Raises energy levels in large amounts, which is useful both for doing any exercise, and for doing more in any daily activity that requires concentration.
    • Decreases appetite, making weight loss easier and faster.
    • Attenuates the effects of anxiety and significantly improves mood.

    These capsules help to eliminate the fats that are accumulated throughout the body. They stimulate the increase of the muscle mass, accelerating the results of the routines of exercise. In addition to influencing the volume of muscles, these capsules facilitate tonification and definition of these.

    Recommended use: take one capsule a day, between meals. It can be taken with juice or water. It is recommended to take this supplement only for two or three months, stop consumption for a month and then repeat the procedure. Remember that you should not use this product as a medicine, as it is a vitamin supplement. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

    Reviews Gaba - 60 vcaps

    • 03/26/2018


      • 10/17/2017

      Un producto imprescindible para reponerlo a tiempo si hay un desequilibrio bacteriano en los intestinos que ´chupan´ este aminoacido directamente desde el cerebro (aunque parece una ciencia ficción) y evitar males menores.

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