Flatodiet from Nutrione, in its format of 60 vegetable capsules, is perfect to combat the annoying inconvenience of the appearance of stomach gases. To achieve its effect, it contains in its formula with green clay, fennel, cumin, anise and mint. These ingredients help improve digestion and significantly prevent gas from accumulating.

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    Flatodiet from Nutrione. Effectively eliminate stomach gas with this all-natural product.

    Flatodiet from Nutrione is offered commercially in a container with a capacity of 60 capsules. It is specially designed to eliminate the annoying gases that are formed in the digestive and intestinal system. The secret of its success lies in the fact that it contains green clay and plants rich in essences of fennel, cumin, anise and mint. All this combination stimulates the natural elimination of intestinal gases, preventing them from accumulating and generating dyspepsia, abdominal bloating, bad odors and all uncomfortable situations. The idea is to generate their distention before they become a problem, managing to avoid them or disintegrate them by chemical reactions. Thus, Flatodiet from Nutrione product becomes a natural alternative of great utility for people suffering from intestinal problems, as it manages to clear the digestive system of excess gas produced by certain foods. Therefore, it helps remarkably to have a more comfortable digestion.

    Gases after eating appear for a variety of reasons. They are often recurrent in people who eat fast, as they add too much food to the stomach and at the same time usually swallow more air at the time of chewing. Likewise, they are frequent in the case of those who eat many fibers, which are very good for other factors of the digestive process, but also are generators of gases par excellence throughout the entire intestinal tract. In general, they are recurrent in the case of foods that are difficult to digest. For example, those who are intolerant to lactose or gluten usually get them after eating food that include those substances that affect their digestive system. To avoid its appearance, a correct step is to be careful in the way of eating. Another option is to use products such as Flatodiet from Nutrione, which, thanks to the combination of extracts of green clay, fennel, cumin, anise and mint, make difficult-to-consume foods easier for the intestinal system to lower the impact of gases on the body. It also eliminates heartburn and avoids colic due to the feeling of fullness. Ideal for those suffering from gastritis and other similar disorders.

    Facts of Flatodiet from Nutrione

    • Sold in packets of 60 capsules
    • Designed to combat stomach gas problems
    • Contains: green clay, fennel, cumin, anise and mint
    • Helps digestion
    • Prevents dyspepsia
    • Minimizes abdominal distention

    Gas problems are recurrent in most of the population. However, they are more common in certain people who require products like Flatodiet from Nutrione to combat them.

    Recommended Use: take one vegetable capsule a day between meals, with juice or water or as directed by a gastroenterologist.

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