Energy Gel from Nutrione, in its format of 40 ml, consists of sachets of nutritional supplement of great quality for athletes. Taste of apple and orange. It provides the body with the amino acids arginine and alanine. It supplies a rich variety of minerals: sodium, potassium and magnesium. It helps maintain and increase muscle volume. It improves rehydration.

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    Energy Gel from Nutrione. Instantly renew your energy and stamina with this incredible gel.

    Energy Gel from Nutrione is sold in a commercial format of 40ml. It is a nutritional supplement in apple or orange flavors. Its advantage is that it has vitamins, minerals and many amino acids. In this way, you get a complete range of nutrients that encompass various functions for the body.

    Amino acids, for example, are necessary for the metabolism to generate muscle tissues. Minerals play a variety of roles, such as improving water absorption, as well as optimizing hemoglobin levels necessary for the body to have high energy levels. Finally, vitamins usually fulfill many functions, but in essence they help the substances described above be better absorbed by the body. In this way, Energy Gel from Nutrione becomes a wide range of alternatives for the metabolism to accelerate and optimize its functions. Athletes thus achieve greater efficiency in their workouts, increase muscle mass, minimize the symptoms of fatigue and recover with immediacy the amount of water lost during sweating.

    The carbohydrates contained in this product are slowly absorbed, so they are guaranteed to not become lipids. On the other hand, the vitamin supply includes vitamins B6 and B1, which make faster both the absorption of minerals and the process of synthesizing amino acids in muscle tissue. This is of great advantage, because this nutritional supplement provides the body with the amino acids arginine and alanine, which are fundamental raw material for the body to produce cells that integrate muscle tissues. For this reason, Energy Gel from Nutrione product is perfect for sports. There are numerous and valuable advantages derived from it. Catabolism is avoided and the growth of the muscles is also stimulated. It is achieved that the athlete always stays fully hydrated, which guarantees a longer duration of training, with the evident positive consequences that this implies. For this reason, you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy this supplement, which also offers a rich apple and orange flavor that leaves a pleasant aftertaste on the palate.

    Facts of Energy Gel from Nutrione

    • In packets of 40 ml
    • Apple and orange flavors
    • Large amount of carbohydrates
    • Vitamins B1 and B6
    • Amino acids alanine and arginine
    • Minerals: sodium, potassium and magnesium
    • Helps rehydrate the body

    With this nutritional supplement many benefits are achieved: muscle growth, rapid absorption of water and lots of vitamins that catalyze metabolism. Ideal for any sports practice of high demand.

    Recommended use: a sachet before starting the workouts, preferably between 20 or 45 minutes before the sports routine.

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