Ckid from Nutrione is a delicious, practical and fun way to administer children the best vitamin C supplement, which will help them raise their defenses and complement a healthy diet. 30 gummies in a single container to ensure a proper vitamin supply every day!

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    Ckid from Nutrione, a delicious and fun way to strengthen the immune system of children.

    Ckid from Nutrione is a food supplement based on vitamin C for the most pampered in the home, which helps them to strengthen the immune system, supplement their diet and contribute to the correct operation of their body. It comes in a fun format of 30 gummies with nice flavor and texture so children can enjoy and at the same time get all the advantages of this important nutrient. Giving a delicious Ckid from Nutrione gummie to the little ones is convenient to stimulate proper bone development, heal wounds thanks to its properties for the protection of the skin, control infections, stimulate iron absorption and maintain healthy gums or teeth.

    Vitamin C, unlike others, is one of the most important in the growth of children, and is that frequent consumption is essential to strengthen the immune system against attacks of viruses or bacteria from the environment, so, pediatricians and specialists recommend their supplementation to avoid the typical colds and thus provide them with a better barrier against diseases. The good news is that Ckid from Nutrione is one of the star and major supplements preferred by parents since in addition to helping raise the defenses, it also meets the daily requirements so it is possible to enjoy other advantages. However, while it is true that vitamin C can be easily obtained from certain foods, such as fruits and vegetables, we know that these foods are boring to children, and they will not understand that your body requires this nutrient to function correctly, so it is unlikely that on their own they will start eating them. On the contrary, they will always prefer sweets, so Ckid from Nutrione is the perfect alternative to include in the diet and provide all the benefits in a fun, healthy, low sugar and totally nutritive way.

    Facts of Ckid from Nutrione

    • Strengthens children's immune system
    • Prevents colds and diseases
    • Meets the daily requirements of vitamin C in infant nutrition
    • Stimulates the proper development of bones, gums and teeth
    • Stimulates the absorption of iron
    • Protects skin and stimulates wound healing
    • Comfortable 30-gum format for a fun and enjoyable experience
    • Delightful taste and soft texture

    A complete and effective nutrition is essential for the growth of children, therefore, 1 delicious gummie of Ckid from Nutrione can not be lacking in your diet to ensure the proper operation of the body and proper maintenance of your health.

    Recommended Use: as a dietary supplement in healthy children, administer 1 gummie a day.

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