Apetikid - 200ml

Apetikid from Nutrione is a nutritional supplement based on royal jelly and quinine that whets the appetite of children, improves digestion, strengthens their immune system, provides vitality and helps increase intellectual capacity. Enriched with 7 vitamins to complement the diet of the most pampered of the house and offer them better growth.

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    Apetikid from Nutrione, The best ally to stimulate appetite in children and strengthen their immune system.

    Apetikid from Nutrione is a nutritional supplement made of 100% natural ingredients such as royal jelly and quinine, which stimulate the appetite of the most pampered in the home, in addition, strengthen the body defenses, stimulate a healthy growth, provide vitality and are rich in nutrients. For greater benefits, this unique formula has been enriched with 7 vitamins to complement the diet and provide a highly healthy nutrition. Royal jelly is a highly nutritious natural substance with multiple benefits from bees, which guarantees a 100% natural origin, free of chemical additives or side effects, being fit for children consumption (from 3 years).

    Apetikid from Nutrione not only contains all the properties of the best royal jelly, additionally, it incorporates an excellent and more undiluted formula to offer an effective intake of this important nutrient. For added benefits, the advantages of quinine were added, another highly recommended food to help children to whet the appetite and encourage them to eat varied foods in their diet. To top it off, this authentic combination of royal jelly with cinnamon, is enriched with 7 vitamins, which are essential in children nutrition for the correct maintenance of their health. In addition to being composed of water, it also contains a high percentage of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, proteins and fatty acids that favor a healthy diet, being thus very good for the first years of children's growth, especially to stimulate the appetite, strengthen the immune system and provide energy. Futhermore, its consumption is related to the increase of concentration and memorization, ideal to go to school with an excellent intellectual capacity.

    Facts of Apetikid from Nutrione

    • 100% natural ingredients for safe and effective children consumption
    • Contains royal jelly plus quinoa
    • Formula enriched with 7 vitamins to complement the diet
    • Whets appetite and strenghens the digestive system
    • Strengthens the immune system and raises defenses
    • Helps boost concentration and memorization
    • Promotes healthy growth
    • Provides vitality

    It is common that children sometimes do not want to eat certain foods, as they are not fun and delicious compared to the goodies, however, a healthy diet can not be based on sugars and calories, on the contrary, it is necessary to eat nutritious food, that's why Apetikid from Nutrione is the best ally to whet children's appetite and encourage them to eat healthily.

    Recommended Use: as a dietary supplement in healthy children, give 10 ml (one dose) per day, preferably in the morning before breakfast. From 3 years and older.

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