The exquisite Rice protein from Nutrione is specifically formulated to provide 100% high quality vegetable protein with high fiber content and amino acids. This nutritious powdered drink can be prepared as a shake or can be added to various recipes typical of fitness. It is free of allergens and its nutritional value is recommended for vegans.

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Rice protein from Nutrione, complete your diet with 100% vegetable protein.

Nutrione is specialized in creating products of the highest quality to satisfy and feed its consumers. In this case, Nutrione presents its exquisite powdered Rice protein made of 100% vegetable protein and free of lactose and gluten. This nutritional supplement is ideal for people on vegan diets since they do not ingest animal protein, it is also recommended for athletes or anyone wishing to increase his daily protein intake.

Rice protein is an excellent food for weight loss because it stimulate the activation of enzymes that make the muscles and other tissues of the body absorb fatty acids more easily using fat as energy. Since its components are free of sugar, consuming this food will avoid the insulin spikes that may appear due to a high consumption of carbohydrates. Proteins must be part of a balanced diet since its primary function is to produce body tissue and synthesize enzymes and some hormones such as insulin. In addition, these macronutrients provide essential amino acids and intervene in the formation of vitamins, hemoglobin and digestive juices. Vegetable proteins are healthier since they provide less fats and are rich in vitamins, fiber and antioxidants.

The fiber present in this type of protein helps the digestive system to process them more quickly helping to prevent constipation. Rice protein from Nutrione contains amino acids with high nutritional value. Amino acids are the basis of protein and are essential for the proper operation of the organism as they transfer nutrients and optimize its storage. Essential amino acids are required for the body to regain muscle mass after hard training. Each container of this delicious and nutritious powdered drink contains 400 g. Its preparation is easy and fast only 30 g of the product must be mixed with 200 ml of liquid. A dose of 30 g contains 24 g of protein, 1.4 g of fats, 0.2 g of carbohydrates and 0 g of sugar. It can be used to prepare sauces, desserts or any type of recipe and can be combined with other proteins. If you want to have an extra dose of protein to complete your daily intake and have a nutritive menu add to your favorite shakes Rice protein from Nutrione.

Facts of Rice protein from Nutrione

  • 100% vegetable protein.
  • High content of amino acids.
  • No allergens.
  • Contains fiber.
  • Suitable for vegans.

Feed yourself in a balanced way and increase your protein intake by consuming top quality products. Add to your favorite foods the delicious Rice protein from Nutrione.

Recommended use: mix 30 g of the product with 200 ml of liquid. It can be taken on its own or with other proteins.

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