A nutritional supplement is necessary to cover the lack of nutrients, proteins, vitamins and minerals that our body needs and to achieve its well-being. Soy Protein from Nutrione provides you with support when there is a deficit of these elements.

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Soy Protein from Nutrione, ideal source of fiber.

Soy Protein from Nutrione is a nutritional supplement composed of natural ingredients rich in fiber and vegetable proteins. This is a powdered product to prepare a delicious drink. Soy is a legume that constitutes a abundant source of high quality proteins.

Within this seed there are vitamins of group B and E, minerals and antioxidants, beneficial properties for health. In this product, the soybean works in conjunction with the fiber participating mainly in defecation and cleaning of the intestinal flora. Soy Protein from Nutrione definitely prevents heart problems by stabilizing cholesterol levels in blood and blood pressure, helps maintain the immune system, and reduces fluid retention. In addition, it is ideal for those people suffering from obesity who want to lead a balanced diet with a low glycemic index and, even more, is involved in the process of menopause and menstruation. The formula of this product is made from soybeans which are milled to powder. It is perfectly designed to provide the necessary nutrients to those people who have deficiency of it so that the body performs correctly every day.

Facts of Soy Protein from Nutrione

  • High-powered protein. Its main ingredient is soy being considered as the major source of protein.
  • Helps the proper operation of the immune system.
  • Free of gluten and lactose. It can be consumed by people who suffer from diabetes or are allergic to lactose.
  • Practical packet with a net content of 400 grams.
  • Ideal for people who do not consume meat, milk, cheese, eggs or others; Also known as vegetarians or vegans.
  • Source of fiber, causing a feeling of satiety allowing to control weight.
  • Can be dissolved in cold or hot liquid.
  • Important food for circulation.
  • Decreases blood fat and cholesterol.

Soy Protein from Nutrione is a delicious drink, full of protein and fiber which tone you up naturally and easily. It is an excellent nutritional supplement that promotes the well-being of the health with just being consumed once a day, benefiting those people who want to lose or maintain their weight. It contains no chemicals, so it is considered as an organic food. You know, if you are a vegetarian, diabetic, allergic to gluten and lactose do not hesitate to take this product.

Recommended Use: you can consume it at any time of the day, you should only mix 3 tablespoons of Soy Protein from Nutrione in a glass of water or any other cold or hot drink. The important thing is that you can choose where to dissolve it.

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