Sweet-and-sour Sauce from Nutriful is a seasoning sauce, used especially in Chinese cuisine. It is a classic of oriental cuisine, based on a combination of mainly vinegar and spices, that will add a very special touch to all your recipes, and adding a pleasant flavor.

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    Sweet-and-sour Sauce from Nutriful, the ideal accompaniment to chicken, turkey cutlets, meat, vegetables, salad, rice or Chinese sauce.

    Sweet-and-sour Sauce from Nutriful is a delicacy that contributes a great variety of flavors, to any dish an exquisite touch. With its combination of ingredients mainly of spices and vinegar, it is typical of Chinese food, but such has been its success that can already be found as an ingredient of the gastronomy of countries other than oriental gastronomy.

    Sweet-and-sour Sauce from Nutriful is the faithful companion of some meals, mainly in meat dishes that, of course, do not carry any other sauce. It can be used as a seasoning to flavor any dish that we like. It has a unique flavor, with acidic touches and sweet touches. It is ideal to accompany meats, fish, rice or whatever you want. At Nutriful, we are the pioneers of the sauces industry in the German and European market. Conventional sauces generally contain a large amount of fat, added sugar in the form of fructose, glucose and dextrose. In a salad or a delicious grilled chicken fillet is quickly becoming a high-calorie meal if enriched with sauces. With Nutriful Sauces, this is not going to happen because they contain no fat or sugar, so they contain only 1-2 calories per serving.

    Sweet-and-sour Sauce from Nutriful are very suitable for the consumption of vegetarians. This sauce is completely free of sugar and fat, therefore it is virtually calorie-free. They consist of pure natural ingredients, such as vinegar, tomato paste, salt, herbs and spices. Flavor enhancers such as glutamate are omitted. Each meal will have a delicious and genuine refined taste. There are many recipes and even each of us can have ours, but one of the most used recipes to make the sauce is the classic chicken in sweet and sour sauce or the ribs in sweet and sour sauce.

    Facts of Sweet-and-sour Sauce from Nutriful

    • Made of high quality ingredients
    • Ideal for seasoning your meals
    • Contains no fats or sugar
    • Very nutritious
    • Ideal for vegans
    • Unique flavor, with acidic touches and sweet touches
    • Very effective when added to meals
    • Product of excellent quality

    Sweet-and-sour Sauce from Nutriful is your ideal sauce to season your meals. We do not always have the time to prepare elaborate sauces that accompany our dishes. However, when you buy Sweet-and-sour Sauce from Nutriful, you will enjoy its rich flavor in your dishes. What are you waiting for? Try it now!

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, accompany meat and chicken dishes. For preparations breaded, fried, fish, boiled or fried vegetables.

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