Cinnamon Sauce from Nutriful is a novel and fantastic nutritional supplement that has become the perfect dressing when preparing the richest meals for the enjoyment of the whole family thanks to its excellent flavor from its ingredients of natural origin and the best quality, free from sugars, fats and chemical additives and with a low input of calories.

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    Cinnamon Sauce from Nutriful, an exquisite low-calorie, nutrient-rich sauce perfect to accompany succulent preparations of meats, salads and rice.

    Cinnamon Sauce from Nutriful is an extraordinary culinary supplement intended to provide the delicious aromatic touch of cinnamon to your favorite foods without worrying about adding to the preparation a lot of fats and sugars unfavorable for the body. This excellent food supplement is ideal when it comes to providing a rich touch of seasoning in the preparation of main dishes based on meats and rice and even to accompany your favorite salads, thanks to its characteristic sweet and woody flavor and additionally, has a high caloric content, allowing to achieve a proper balance between healthy and delicious food at the same time.

    Cinnamon Sauce from Nutriful is made from cinnamon of natural origin and its extraordinary formula is free of chemical additives and artificial flavorings, making it an almost indispensable ally for all those who seek to eat delicious and maintain a balanced and healthy diet. This exquisite cinnamon-based sauce developed by Nutriful is very useful to supplement even the strictest nutritional plans specialized in maintaining in optimal conditions the fitness of athletes and sportsmen, and even, can be used to add the special touch to the meals of who seek to get rid of a few extra kilos without leaving aside their favorite flavors.

    Cinnamon Sauce from Nutriful offers all the culinary properties that this wonderful spice offers. Some associate diets and diet plans with a lack of flavor, yet the extraordinary Cinnamon Sauce from Nutriful allows you to provide a great touch of flavor to the foods you enjoy without having to worry about ingesting significant amounts of calories, sugars and fats.

    Facts of Cinnamon Sauce from Nutriful

    • Made of cinnamon of natural origin.
    • Adds the traditional and delicious sweet flavor and with woody touches of the cinnamon.
    • Suitable for people with vegan and vegetarian habits.
    • Perfect to accompany meats, rice, salads, vegetables, fish and any other preparation.
    • Contains no sugars or fats.
    • Provides only 1 kcal per serving.
    • Contains no lactose or gluten.
    • Ideal to supplement any diet or nutritional plan.

    Cinnamon Sauce from Nutriful is widely recommended by nutritionists and dieticians thanks to its versatility and delicious taste, in addition, this fantastic and highly nutritive dressing is very useful in supplementing the diets intended to help the reduction of the percentages of accumulated fat to achieve an adequate body definition

    Recommended use: as a nutritional supplement, it can be incorporated into the preparation of your favorite foods to provide the most delicious touch of cinnamon flavor, low in calories and free of components harmful to health.

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