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Lipo 6 CLA - 180 soft

Lipo 6 CLA from Nutrex is a supplement to lose weight and burn abdominal fat, pure natural linoleic acid CLA. It accelerates the metabolism, preserves the muscles and prevents muscle catabolism. No stimulants or side effects.

    Lipo 6 CLA from Nutrex: Pure Natural Fat-burning Abdominal CLA.

    Lipo 6 CLA from Nutrex is the ideal supplement of weight loss and definition because it keeps active metabolism and favors the burning of fat while helping to maintain muscle mass.

    Pure natural stimulant-free CLA formula. It prevents muscle catabolism. It contains high quality fatty acids from safflower oil. Ideal for athletes on low calorie diet.

    Lipo 6 CLA from Nutrex helps you lose weight by burning your body fat and transforming it into energy, increases lean muscle mass and promotes loss of abdominal volume thanks to safflower oil. CLA reduces fat that builds up after meals and reduces the amount of fat stored in the body.

    This component of the formula inhibits lipase, an enzyme that breaks down fat in the diet to be absorbed by the body. In this way, by suppressing lipase, CLA can reduce the amount of fat accumulated in the body.

    Lipo 6 CLA contains no stimulants and does not cause side effects. The product comes in the form of liquid capsules for a better and faster absorption.

    This formula contains pure CLA linoleic acid extracted from safflower oil, known for its effectiveness in reducing abdominal fat. Safflower oil contains phytosterols, which can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. They reduce cholesterol, insulin resistance, associated with abdominal fat.

    Lipo 6 CLA should not be combined with chitosan-based complements (chitosan) as it overrides the effects of CLA.

    Facts of Lipo 6 CLA

    • Helps lose weight
    • Maintains muscle mass
    • Reduces abdominal fat
    • Promotes the burning of fats
    • Promotes metabolic activity
    • Does not contain stimulants
    • No side effects

    Lipo 6 CLA from Nutrex is a pure supplement of natural linoleic acid extracted from the safflower oil ideal for slimming and eliminating belly fat while maintaining the musculature. Because this formula contains no stimulants, it does not have any of the side effects of other supplements of this type, such as anxiety, nervousness and insomnia. 

    Recommended use: 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the afternoon, preferably with meals.

    Questions and answers
    Consulta. Cómo puedo tomar CLA si ya tengo el Lipo 6 black? Cómo lo combino?
    2020-01-22 04:21:02 Lizbeth
    Hola tomaría 1 caps con el Desayuno y otra toma con la Cena. Un saludo
    2020-01-22 11:49:03 Jose
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