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Lipo 6 black diuretic - 80 capsules

Lipo 6 Black Diuretic by Nutrex is an extraordinary dietary supplement made of a combination of completely natural ingredients with diuretic effects. The main characteristic of Lipo 6 Black Diuretic by Nutrex is to help you to reduce body water excess, relieve swelling, improve muscle definition and support subcutaneous water loss.

    Reduce water retention from your body and relieve swelling with Lipo 6 Black Diuretic by Nutrex!

    Lipo 6 Black Diuretic from Nutrex, is a wonderful dietary supplement made of potassium, magnesium, parsley, dandelion extract, horsetail, oxystelma esculentum and ursi grape that act synergistically to achieve a powerful diuretic effect. It also helps to eliminate water excess from your body, reduce swelling, improve muscle definition and prevent hypertension.

    What are the characteristics of Lipo 6 Black Diuretic by Nutrex?

    • It is an excellent dietary supplement with diuretic effects made with natural ingredients.
    • It is perfect for eliminating water excess from your body and improving muscle definition.
    • It prevents hypertension and reduces tiredness and fatigue.
    • It is an amazing option to reduce water excess before performing on stage, beach and photo shoots.
    • It contributes to the regulation of insulin.
    • It is perfect to be used by men and women.

    What does Lipo 6 Black Diuretic offer?

    Lipo 6 Black Diuretic by Nutrex comes in a practical presentation in capsules that combine an incredible mixture of plants and minerals that work synergistically offering a diuretic effect.

    Content per dose (4 capsules):

    • It contains 75mg of magnesium.
    • It contains 31mg of potassium.
    • It contains 1486mg of Advanced Natural Diuretic Formula (Horsetail Extract, Dandelion Extract, Oxystelma esculentum Extract, Parsley and Ursi Grape Extract).

    Benefits of Lipo 6 Black Diuretic by Nutrex

    Diuretics or “water pills” are an excellent supplement for those who suffer from liquid retention, since its main objective is to promote the elimination of sodium and water from the body, but at the same time, it also helps to lose fat. Nutrex, a famous brand, has developed Lipo 6 Black Diuretic, a natural dietary supplement with an incredible formula based on plants and minerals that work synergistically to offer a perfect diuretic effect to eliminate swelling in the body. Lipo 6 Black Diuretic, contains a magnesium and potassium formula, which regulate the amount of sodium in your body, prevent hypertension, control blood glucose levels, strengthen the nervous and immune system and help your body in the metabolic processes for energy production and reduction of fatigue. Lipo 6 Black Diuretic by Nutrex is made of a natural diuretic formula that includes extracts of dandelion, horsetail, oxystelma esculentum, ursi grape and parsley, which have a good antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and hepatoprotective properties. In addition, its formula helps in the liquid elimination process, reduction of swelling, optimization of renal function, stimulation of digestion and restoration of stomach pH.

    Lipo 6 Black Diuretic, is a highly recommended supplement for those who suffer from liquid retention and athletes who look for muscle definition improvement and the same time, subcutaneous water loss and reduce fatigue and tiredness. Lipo 6 Black Diuretic is perfect for athletes before a stage performance or a photo shoot.

    How to take Lipo 6 Black Diuretic?

    • As a dietary supplement, take 4 capsules.
    • Take it preferably with 240 ml of water.
    • Have a daily dose.
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