Lemon Eucalyptus Oil from Now Foods is ideal for toning and strengthening the skin, as well as for improving blood circulation and relaxing the nervous system. This product has the highest quality essential oils, obtained only through mechanical processes, in the first cold pressing. When used, you will notice how your body will thank you.

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Lemon Eucalyptus Oil from Now Foods, ideal for strengthening and toning the skin.

When we smell a rose, a lemon or even an apple, the aroma we perceive comes from aromatic molecules that can be extracted as essential oils.

The components of these oils are very volatile, so that the way to extract them should be as careful as possible, so as not to alter the natural structure of the molecule and end up losing all its beneficial properties, especially the intense aroma. It could be said that extracting the essential oil is like taking the essence of the object. There are different techniques for extracting these oils. There are mechanical methods, chemicals and so on. However, it is the mechanical methods, especially those of first cold pressing, that manage to take full advantage of all the healing properties of the plant, seed, flower or any other element of nature. Essential oils can be used for many purposes and one of them is in aroma therapy. Now Foods has been able to take advantage of the characteristics of eucalyptus and lemon in the aroma therapy and that is why, today we are talking about lemon Eucalyptus Oil, made by said company.

The aromatherapy is a therapeutic discipline that is based on the belief in the healing potential of essential oils. So that both, our body and mind, can find again the much needed balance. Each essential oil has particular properties and is often used together to magnify the benefits of treatment. Some of the oils most used are eucalyptus and lemon. That is why, Now Foods has developed a product that contains both essential oils. It is believed that the aromatic molecules that are released from these oils are absorbed by the body, especially by the respiratory tract and have a relaxing effect on the central nervous system, healing through relaxation and at the same time taking advantage of natural properties, absorbed through the skin.

Facts of Lemon Eucalyptus Oil from Now Foods

  • Totally natural and extracted from the first cold pressing.
  • Strengthens and tones the skin.
  • Stimulates the immune system.
  • Improves the blood circulation.
  • Works as a natural relaxant.
  • Great detoxifying power.
  • Antibacterial and antifungal.
  • Relaxes the nervous system.
  • Relieves pain thanks to the analgesic properties of eucalyptus.
  • Lightens and cleanses the skin.

Now Foods is a company with a long track record, with almost 5 decades offering natural products of all kinds and of the best quality. Since 1968 they have remained in the industry and today they represent a great reference in the sector. The long list of products manufactured by this company is impressive and each of them is governed by the vision and mission of the company: offer high quality products, safe to consume and friendly to the environment.

Recommended use: to use in aromatherapy, it is recommended to apply lemon eucalyptus oil together with thyme, lavender or rosemary oil. The most important thing to know is that this product is specially designed to be used in aromatherapy, so that the extracts of essential oils that compose it are very concentrated and should not be used in the pure state for any purpose other than the one already mentioned. However, this does not mean that it can not be used for other purposes, but for this you must dilute it.

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