100% Pure Cocoa Butter from Now Foods was developed for the skin, hair and scalp that needs a moisturizing conditioner. Natural coconut cream has good saturated fats for all skin types. This unique product will leave the skin very soft, silky, fresh and beautiful.

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    100% Pure Cocoa Butter from Now Foods is the ideal way to moisturize hair and skin.

    100% Pure Cocoa Butter from Now Foods is rich in saturated fats and very pleasing to the skin, making it perfect for use in all complexions. The essential fatty acids and vitamins it contains are also very beneficial for facial skin. Many people want to restore hydration of the skin or prevent the appearance of wrinkles, and this is a great ally. This unique oil acts to leave the skin silky and fresh. It also serves as a natural alternative to chemically formulated commercial moisturizers, oils and scalp conditioners.

    100% Pure Cocoa Butter from Now Foods has a special texture that contributes softness to the skin; Likewise, coconut is rich in mineral salts, including phosphorus, magnesium and calcium, which is a contribution of important fibers. It is especially advisable for those who have dehydrated skin or who are exposed for a long time to the sun, as in the case of athletes or sportsmen. Also indicated for those looking to give the dermis a natural color and to prevent premature wrinkles.

    100% Pure Cocoa Butter from Now Foods is a 100% natural and pure product that has cosmetic and relaxing properties. In addition, it contains lauric acid one of the components of breast milk and has a powerful restructuring action giving the skin tonicity, protection, softness and youth. It is ideal for dry skin. Just put a little on your fingers and apply them on the face with gentle circular massages. In the case of hair, it is especially suitable for dry hair because of its high fat content. However, it also works for curly, damaged and unruly hairs. One of the things that damages the hair the most is the daily use of tools such as irons and dryers, which mistreat the hair, damage it and weaken it. This cream will give back vitality, it is also very effective to disintegrate and facilitate the pass of the comb without pulling the root.

    Facts of 100% Pure Cocoa Butter from Now Foods

    • Contains no chemical preservatives.
    • Does not contain artificial colorings.
    • No solvents are used during extraction.
    • 100% pure.
    • For all types of skins.
    • Leaves skin soft.
    • Leaves hair silky.
    • Antiseptic.
    • Their fats have been shown to keep the pH of the skin balanced.

    100% Pure Cocoa Butter from Now Foods acts as a physical relaxant, while moisturizing the skin and smoothing the hair. It is time to show a soft skin and a hair of envy. The best way to moisturize!

    Recommended Use: as a product for external use only, use as a moisturizing lotion or skin cream, applying with your fingers and massaging. If it is very solid, it should be dissolved in the microwave or in a water bath before use.

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