5-HTP from Now Foods is a fantastic natural product that seeks to stimulate an adequate relaxation through the extraordinary relaxing qualities that contribute its vegetable components. These wonderful vegetable capsules are able to improve the quality of sleep, improving the rest process and in turn, help stabilize moods.

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5-HTP from Now Foods, ideal to favor an adequate rest, to stimulate the relaxation and to improve the mood, contributing to obtain a better quality of life.

5-HTP from Now Foods is an extraordinary nutritional supplement developed by the incorporation of natural extracts into a powerful medicinal formula with excellent and proven properties that contribute to improve the health of the organism through the relaxation and control of moods. This fantastic product offers all the medicinal benefits of Griffonia simplicifolia, a plant of African origin, widely recognized for its unequaled relaxing benefits, in a practical format compressed in vegetable capsules, ideal to be ingested at any time of the day.

5-HTP from Now Foods is recommended by specialists in alternative and conventional medicine thanks to the support of numerous clinical studies that certify the extraordinary effectiveness of its formulation. These excellent vegetable capsules are infallible allies for all those who suffer from sleep disorders, thanks to which they help counteract their effects through relaxation, improving the rest process, translating into greater body energy and better physical performance in everyday tasks.

5-HTP from Now Foods has an advanced nutritional formulation composed of highly healing nutrients and active ingredients, transforming its formula into a metabolite that acts between the amino acid tryptophan and serotonin, specialized in favoring the synthesis of serotonin, a substance produced by the body responsible for regulating a large number of functions of our body, of which the regulation of dream, moods and emotions stands out. Thanks to the natural components that make up its formulation, the consumption of the recommended dose of natural capsules of 5-HTP from Now Foods does not generate any kind of counterproductive effect to the body, on the contrary, it brings important benefits to our health.

Facts of 5-HTP from Now Foods

  • Offers an advanced formula based on natural compounds.
  • Helps to stimulate adequate rest.
  • Fights the incidence of sleep disorders.
  • Significantly improves mood.
  • Helps to achieve an overall relaxation.
  • Stimulates the regulation of appetite.
  • Contains no sugar, salt, gluten or harmful preservatives.
  • Its consumption does not generate side effects.

5-HTP from Now Foods is ideal for combating daily stress and avoiding the incidence of anxiety. These extraordinary vegetable capsules are ideal for those suffering from depression or mood swings thanks to their magnificent components extracted from nature, which specialize in controlling and stabilizing moods, contributing to improve their physical and mental state.

Recommended Use: as a nutritional supplement, specialists recommend taking between one (1) and two (2) vegetable capsules during the day to enjoy its relaxing benefits.

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