2 in 1 Corrective Eye Cream from Now Foods helps eliminate dark circles and reduce the lines of expression caused by aging. Among its various components stands out both vitamin K and blackberry extract. Such a combination combats wrinkles, minimizes lines of expression and gives the outline of the look a youthful appearance.

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2 in 1 Corrective Eye Cream from Now Foods

2 in 1 Corrective Eye Cream from Now Foods is ideal to give a better appearance to the contour of the eyes. Its main benefit is that it helps to reduce dark circles and expression lines, also known as "crow's feet". This is achieved by coloring the circles under the eyelids. It is a cream with a magnificent combination of ingredients.

In essence, it has three wonderful substances to rejuvenate the skin around the eyes and achieve a much more youthful appearance. First we have vitamin K, then the blackberry extract and finally a complement called Sepilift DPHP 1%. Both vitamin K and blackberry extract fulfill the role of attenuating color and dark circles bags. In addition, Sepilift DPHP 1% helps to rejuvenate the skin and prevent deterioration of the skin. All these benefits make this cream ideal for those who wish to have an elegant look, youthful and always ready to face the day. In addition, it is very easy to apply, since it does not require mixing with other ingredients, but it is applied directly on the skin in a subtle way.

In society, it is necessary to have an adequate look to socialize in an environment of continuous interaction. Therefore, it is important to take care of the face and especially the eyes, since the latter are the most expressive that people have. For this reason, 2 in 1 Corrective Eye Cream from Now Foods attenuates both dark circles and reduces the lines of expression caused by age, making them always look healthy and striking. Among its components, we have the presence of blackberry extract, vitamin K and a substance called Sepilift DPHP 1%. This triad of ingredients results in excellent skin maintenance. Therefore, it is highly recommended for those who need to recover or look exhausted due to the unsightly dark circles, or that over time begin to show marked lines of expression which makes them to look older than they actually are.

Facts of 2 in 1 Corrective Eye Cream from Now Foods

  • Ideal for improving facial appearance
  • Removes dark circles
  • Manages to minimize lines of expression
  • Reduces spots and wrinkles in the eye contour
  • Suppresses the effect of tired eyes
  • Certified organic product

Thanks to this splendid cream it is possible to eliminate the impression of tired eyes, dark circles and unsightly lines under the eyelids. Ideal for keeping a face always presentable.

Recommended use: Apply around the eyes, emphasizing the area where there are dark circles and early expression lines, for best results wash the face beforehand.

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