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100% Pure Sage Oil - 30 ml

100% Pure Sage Oil from Now Foods is an essential oil extracted directly from Salvia officinalis by the steam distillation of its partially dried leaves. Its aroma reminds that of camphor, slightly warm, is used in aromatherapy to improve mental states and especially concentration.

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    100% Pure Sage Oil from Now Foods

    Aromatherapy is an alternative therapy which takes advantage of the properties of essential oils, which are extracted from aromatic plants, in order to restore the balance and harmony of body and mind for the benefit of our physical and mental health.

    The Salvia or Salvia Officinalis is an herbaceous species, specifically, an aromatic plant of the family of lamiaceae with white-violet flowers, originating in the Mediterranean although it has already been naturalized around the world. It is commonly used in the culinary world (especially Italian cuisine), as a medicinal plant and in phytotherapy, because this plant contains thujone, a substance closely related to camphor. It is widely used in the world of aromatherapy thanks to the properties of its essential oil.

    100% Pure Sage Oil from Now Foods is an essential oil extracted from the Salvia officinalis, by the steam distillation of its partially dried leaves, preserving its active principles and its warm aroma, very similar to that of camphor. It is used in aromatherapy to balance, calm and relax mental states, improving mood, concentration and memory, widely used for mental health. Besides that it is a 100% natural product without any added chemical additive that could compromise the aroma and the quality of the essential oil.

    Facts of 100% Pure Sage Oil from Now Foods

    • 100% natural ingredients.
    • 100% pure high-quality sage oil.
    • Free of any added chemical additive.
    • Obtained by the steam distillation of partially dried leaves.
    • A warm aroma, similar to that of camphor.
    • Ideal for use in aromatherapy.
    • Purity guaranteed by Now Foods.
    • Attractive pack.

    100% Pure Sage Oil from Now Foods is ideal for those who practice aromatherapy or want to start in this type of therapy, since it is a 100% natural essential oil, extracted directly from the partially dried leaves of the Salvia officinalis without any extra additive and with purity guaranteed by Now Foods, which will improve your concentration and your overall mental state.

    Recommended Use: for use in aromatherapy. For other uses, dilute it carefully with any oil carrier such as jojoba, grape seed, olive or almond, before using it. It is advisable to consult a book of essential oils or another professional reference source to find out the required dilution ratios. Formula to sleep like a baby: add 2 drops of sage oil, 1 drop of ylang ylang oil and 20 drops of neroli oil to a sprayer and enjoy.

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