100% Pure Patchouli Oil from Now Foods is an essential oil from the plant called patchouli. It is a product widely used today for skin beautification treatments, as well as to diminish the appearance of scars, wrinkles, patches, etc. It is a natural and concentrated product.

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100% Pure Patchouli Oil from Now Foods, ideal for improving the appearance of scars, patches and acne.

100% Pure Patchouli Oil from Now Foods is a thick liquid made by the plant called Patchouli being very famous for providing various benefits. This oil has been used for many years for perfumes, however several discoveries have made it clear that it also gives us support regarding hygiene and beauty treatments. 100% Pure Patchouli Oil from Now Foods helps to stimulate good mood, used for years for aromatherapy, is highly recommended for the improvement of wounds, wrinkles and skin imperfections.

Also, it is important to note that this patchouli oil is also well known for its aphrodisiac effects and stimulant of sexual desire for both sexes, which is widely used as treatment for those couples who often have problems in intimacy. 100% Pure Patchouli Oil is an oil that has been used by many people as a purifying compound. This can be found in several formats, however, it is always advisable to purchase it in its most natural format, the one of Now Foods, since its distilled value comes from the leaves the patchouli plant, not in bloom. This oil is aromatic earthy and musky. It is an essential oil that is highly concentrated.

Facts of 100% Pure Patchouli Oil from Now Foods

  • Used for the healing method called aromatherapy.
  • Natural regenerator of the tissue and contains antiseptic properties.
  • The extraction is through the steam distilled from the dry leaves.
  • Ideal for treatments with skin problems such as patches, acne, sores, among others.
  • 100% natural product, free of chemicals and preservatives.
  • Detoxifies the body and causes no side effects.

100% Pure Patchouli Oil from Now Foods is nowadays widely used as a product for personal care, both for external beauty and well-being. This product stands out for its incredible qualities such as the relief of anxiety, stress and especially depression. It is very effective to get aroused and acting against some inflammation, mild intoxication, wrinkles and imperfections that may exist on the skin. In contrast to others, 100% Pure Patchouli Oil from Now Foods, free of chemicals that could affect the body in a negative way.

Recommended use: this product should only be used externally or for aromatherapeutic use. It can be mixed in creams or with other natural essential oils, use highly carefully and keep it out of the reach of children and eye contact. It should not be used in large quantities. It should be noted that this product is now ready to be used.

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