100% Pure Orange Oil from Now Foods is an essential oil with fresh and sweet aroma. It was developed for aromatherapy and to relax and soothe the body with its incredible fragrance. Ideal for athletes and people who want to have a positive approach during the day. USDA approved product.

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    100% Pure Orange Oil from Now Foods is the most positive way to feel better.

    100% Pure Orange Oil from Now Foods is an essential orange oil that provides a sweet and fresh aroma. This incredible oil refreshes, cheers up and invigorates. It can be used in several ways. It can be used to massage different areas of the body, to add a few drops in the bath and to take a relaxing bath, also works as an air freshener and should only be mixed with water in a sprayer. This oil is extracted by means of the cold pressing of the peel of the fresh fruit.

    100% Pure Orange Oil from Now Foods is an ideal product to make aromatherapy treatments, as this essential oil has a rich citrus aroma, sweet and fresh at the same time, which allows the body to relax, calm and raise the mind. Its sweet fragrance of orange stimulates those emotions of peace, tranquility and well-being. It is ideal for those looking to take a positive approach throughout the day and want to relax, making it ideal for sportsmen. It is even recommended to drop a few drops in the bath water and thus stimulate a better rest of the body after a heavy day or after intense training.

    100% Pure Orange Oil from Now Foods is one of the most used oils because of its incredible properties. Its properties help combat stress and nervous tension. It is effective when used in steam therapy as it helps to relieve tension and stress. In addition, its delicious aroma helps to induce sleep in children, especially at night. You can also add a few drops to the creams or lotions to help detoxify the skin. The natural essential oils are highly concentrated, so they must be diluted in other oils and in this case can not be in contact with the sun.

    Facts of 100% Pure Orange Oil from Now Foods

    • Pure oil.
    • Sweet and fresh aroma.
    • Derived from Citrus Sinensis.
    • USDA approved organic product.
    • Stimulates relaxation.
    • Ideal for athletes.
    • Ideal for aromatherapy.
    • Purity tested.
    • Quality assured.

    100% Pure Orange Oil from Now Foods was designed to be used in aromatherapy, since that way will allow you to enjoy its benefits. But you can also apply it on your skin, in the form of massages and you can also prepare a bath with this oil to relax. It is an excellent option if you want to relax and enjoy a delicious aroma that will help you feel much better and healthier.

    Recommended use: as an essential oil, to be used in aromatherapy, when used in this way or in other uses it should be diluted carefully with other oils.

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