Now Foods

Now Foods is a company founded in 1968 by Paul Richard with the priority that eating healthy and feeling good should not be a luxury, but should be accessible to everyone. So it offers a line of products whose origins are completely natural and of great quality, governed by different standards, for pleasure of consumers.


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Healthy food intake is becoming a trend, for many this is no longer a fashion, but a lifestyle, and for that style a reliable and affordable company is needed which should offer a full range of natural products with quality assurance. This was how Now Foods was born.

Now Foods is a company that was born in 1968 by Paul Richard, who was an advocate of the natural products industry, and under these ideals, created a company that would be dedicated to offer products that guarantee good health at ann affordable price, since previously, the predominant belief was that in order to be healthy you needed to be rich first, Paul Richard with Now Foods proved otherwise. Now Foods is committed in its day to day to know the nutritional needs of its consumers and people in general, allocating much of its resources in research and development (R & D) in order to elaborate natural supplements of great quality that help the balance and care that their consumers deserve, so they can lead a full and healthy life.

Now Foods has a philosophy of life, which sums up, "Helping to take care of health through nutrition", so that from its beginnings, this company has been following this wonderful philosophy, producing nutritional supplements of the highest quality at affordable prices for everyone, so that anyone, regardless of their purchasing power, can enjoy them in an easy and practical way.

The Now Foods family invests a great deal of its resources in constant innovation, creating innovative supplements as well as improving those already available. It is a company that stays at the forefront, experimenting with both a variety of new technologies as well as traditional techniques that have been used for centuries. In fact, Now Foods is considered one of the most scientifically advanced brands in the natural products and supplements industry, because it has its own laboratories, where multiple but meticulous tests are performed both on natural raw materials and on samples and finished products, in order to achieve an matchless level of quality control, guaranteeing the quality of all supplements and natural products, in addition to following all the standards. In the aforementioned tests, it is studied the identity, potency, microbial and organoleptic contamination, so that all the raw materials used in the production process of Now Foods supplements offer the benefits that the consumer is looking for in a safe, efficient and effective way.