Novo Nutrition brings delicious protein chips to the market, with multiple flavors. It is a snack low in sugar and with less fat, with up to 10g of protein for the days where you want to give yourself a treat but still leading your healthy lifestyle, perfect snacks for fitness and fun lovers.

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    PROTEIN CHIPS- healthy and delicious snacks.

    PROTEIN CHIPS are a really healthy snack, high in fiber and low in sugar, with up to 65% less fat than conventional potato snacks. It also provides 10g of protein in each bag, for those athletes who want to keep their figure in shape but also for those who seek support in their diet.

    In each bite you can enjoy a delicious savory flavor and crunchy texture, leaving behind the anxiety between meals. A delicious and healthy protein snack that only provides 3.3g of fat, and makes it easier to achieve those goals you are working so hard for. Eat a snack without feeling guilty, with less than 155 calories and with 12 grams of carbohydrates, it will maintain the feeling of satiety for longer, with natural ingredients for a healthier lifestyle.

    For no one is it a secret that the base of a good body is intelligent training, however, food is as important or more when it comes to reaching big goals, that is why no matter which one is your goal, the healthy snacks of Novo Nutrition are the ideal for your diet or as a snack for training.

    One of the keys in a healthy diet is proteins, macro nutrients that are responsible for providing energy, and is used in the diet of athletes and bodybuilders to improve the results of training. Among its functions is also to transport substance and act as a catalyst for body substances, also due to the fact that the body of athletes faces high levels of stress by training, protein is also necessary to improve performance.

    However, protein shakes require water or milk for their preparation making it difficult to consume at all times, and energy bars have very little protein, so they end up being less healthy than they promise, for this reason Novo Nutrition created Protein Chips, for those who need a dose of protein faster and also healthier, in a simple and delicious snack that provides 10g of protein in each bag.

    Facts of PROTEIN CHIPS

    • High in fiber.
    • Low in sugar.
    • Low in fat.
    • Low in calories.
    • Ideal for vegetarian people.
    • contains 10g of protein in each container.
    • Healthy snacks

    Protein Chips is the snack that all athletes and fitness lovers have been looking for, ideal for those people with a busy lifestyle who need a quick protein refill but also want to enjoy a delicious flavor and a crunchy texture, also when you want to give yourself a taste without feeling guilty and without leaving your diet, making your way to that goal that you set out more pleasant and simpler. Supplement your healthy lifestyle, while still pampering yourself.

    Recommended use: as a healthy snack at any time of the day.

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