Bring to light the Professional Chef you carry inside and make simpler the preparation of food at home, using Yogurt Sauce & Herbs, a product created by Natural Zero to add variety to any recipe. Just add the amount you want and you will be besides the most delicious food and exquisite dish, and you will be also taking care of your health and well-being.

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    • Gluten Free
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    Yogurt Sauce & Herbs from Natural Zero invites you to immerse in the kitchen without concerns.

    If you are asking yourself questions, for example, what is difference between Yogurt Sauce & Herbs from Natural Zero and similar products? then you should know that its main function is to be an ingredient to flavor your favorite meals and also a different touch without too much effort. However, it has an advantage you will truly appreciate. You can add the portion you want as it does not contain any fat! It is also completely free of gluten and sugar.

    Yogurt Sauce & Herbs from Natural Zero is a food supplement based on yogurt; without fat, sugar, carbohydrates or gluten. It is an excellent ingredient you need in the larder of your house, you can make use of it at any time of the day because it will always agree with your body, so be carefree!

    Now you can take care of you and keep fit without feeling guilty, as it helps keep at bay the appetite or anxiety that may appear during the day. This product is intended for everyone, taking into account each of their priorities, so if you are celiac, vegetarian, sportsman, or have in mind to lose a few pounds of weight, due to health problems or because you want, with this product you can do it and also is your chance to give color to your recipes. And that's not all, it has more properties that benefit our body, for example, it is free of lactose, therefore people intolerant of it can use this wonderful sauce without worrying too much about what will happen after.

    Facts of Yogurt Sauce & Herbs from Natural Zero:

    • Season your food to your taste.
    • It is free of gluten, lactose and fat.
    • It keeps the appetite at bay.
    • It has only 3 calories per serving.
    • It is ideal to lose weight and keep fit.
    • It is suitable for taking care of your health and well-being.
    • Its pack features an anti-dripping system.

    Yogurt Sauce & Herbs from Natural Zero was created so you can enjoy a delicious meal without feeling guilty. It is important to mention the yogurt and spices used contain a great diversity of taste you can combine with ingredients and recreate excellent recipes, even when you are not in the mood for cooking you can simply make a basic salad and dress it with this exquisite product. If you are on a diet because you want to lose weight and the food you eat daily is tasteless, then you can forget those horrible days and let your palate enjoy the taste of this amazing seasoning. What are you expecting, buy Yogurt Sauce & Herbs from Natural Zero and enjoy!

    Recommended use: salad dressing, seasoning for chicken, fish, red meat, vegetables and all kinds of food of your preference. Suitable for all kinds of people.

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