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Ketchup developed by NaturalZero is created with a formula that contains ingredients extremely care. NaturalZero ketchup is ideal for giving an exquisite flavor to foods. In addition it contains no fat, gluten or lactose. It provides the body with only 3 calories per dose, thus becoming a healthy product.

  • VeganVegan
  • Lactose FreeLactose Free
  • Gluten FreeGluten Free

    Ketchup from NaturalZero is a perfect dietary supplement to reduce the calories in the diet.

    Ketchup from NaturalZero provides an exquisite taste that can be served with a variety of recipes and dishes such as meat, rice, pasta, vegetables and salads, among others.

    Natural Zero has developed this product that is perfect for spicing up all your dishes with a unique flavor, maintaining healthy and balanced diet.

    Ketchup from NaturalZero incorporates to the body just 3 calories per dose of 15 grams. It also has a low fat content, low sugar content. It contains no lactose or gluten.

    With Ketchup from NaturalZero meals with a high fat content are no longer synonymous with tasty food. Natural Zero has developed an innovative food product that revolutionizes the world of sauces. It has created a wide variety of "zero sauces" that provide exquisite flavors to foods without adding calories in the diet, thus helping to maintain adequate nutrition, health and wellness in the body.

    Ketchup is a sauce with low-calorie content per dose, perfect to add flavor to all dishes or garnishes. It enhances the flavor in the meat, rice, pasta, vegetables and salads.

    This product contains a formula that helps diets for slimming, maintenance and definition, also decreases the amount of calories in meals, but providing a delicious flavor. Natural Zero is a leading company for the development of "zero" food products, which follows a clear objective to make a difference with the competition, through the production of new quality products that meet the requirements of the most demanding consumers. Sauces from Natural Zero bring flavors to all dishes, but do not increase the calories in the diet.

    Facts of Ketchup NaturalZero

    • It is able to achieve a low calorie diet without losing the flavors of traditional foods.
    • Fully compatible with a healthy lifestyle.

    With Ketchup from NaturalZero in your meals you can also achieve better muscle definition by the decrease in weight, achieved in the diet. Ketchup from NaturalZero is a food product that should be in all your meals. 

    Recommended use: Ketchup from NaturalZero maintains a healthy lifestyle and is recommended to be consumed by all people who want to follow a healthy diet. It is also recommended to reduce weight. It can be ingested in periods of muscle definition or maintenance. It can be consumed by people with dyslipidemia who need to reduce fat intake in the diet and celiac patients who consume gluten-free products.

    Ketchup from NaturalZero can be combined with many products according to the characteristics, needs and desired goals of each person.

    Ketchup from NaturalZero has an exquisite and mild flavor that is enhanced with tomato flavor.

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