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0% Syrup from Natural Zero is a syrup based on chocolate, caramel or strawberry which is low in calories, fat, sugar free and with a flavor identical to the original, ideal for those who seek to maintain their weight while still enjoying a sweet but healthy syrup on your favorite sweets or breakfasts.

  • Lactose FreeLactose Free
  • Gluten FreeGluten Free
  • VeganVegan

    0% Syrup from Natural Zero, Sweetness and delight without guilt

    0% Syrup from Natural Zero is an innovative product in the market of healthy products due to its composition, in which there are no sugars, calories, gluten or lactose, so give that extra to your desserts or breakfasts without having to leave the diet is now possible. By not having calories, it does not affect in any aspect to the strict diets or with calorie count, reason why it represents a pleasure totally free of guilts. It is noteworthy that even if it does not have sugar, gluten or lactose, its flavor is not harmed, so you can delight in all the flavor of these products but in a healthy and delicious way. Being sweetened with sweeteners, you can savor all its sweetness without having to worry about the balance.

    We know how difficult it is to stay on a diet and even more so when we fall into cravings for some sweetmeat or some low calorie dessert. Although these products already exist in the market, their flavor is always harmed because they completely annul the sugars and gluten of its composition. 0% Syrup from Natural Zero comes to the market to change this fact, free of fats, calories, gluten and lactose and also low in sugar, is a syrup that comes in 3 presentations, strawberry, caramel and chocolate. It is ideal for desserts or breakfasts as it offers the true flavor of syrup but much healthier than conventional products. Its main attraction is the fact that the flavor is not affected in any way even by its healthy composition, so you can taste with all the flavor that corresponds to your favorite dessert without having to break your calorie count or get out of the diet in some way. Its revolutionary formula allows all people, including gluten intolerant (celiac), lactose or diabetic to enjoy the delicious touch that 0% Syrup from Natural Zero adds to their favorite foods.

    Facts of 0% Syrup from Natural Zero

    • No calories
    • Low in sugar
    • Gluten free
    • Lactose free
    • Ideal for people with diabetes, celiac, etc.
    • Flavor identical to the original one

    Is there any better way to taste a delicious dessert? Yes, and if you add a little 0% Syrup from Natural Zero, its delicious taste, aroma and the fact that it is totally healthy make it an excellent option to please those sweet cravings.

    Recommended Use: Use preferably with desserts, ice cream, cookies, pancakes, etc.

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