Horsetail from Natural Health unlike simple herbal infusions it is the most effective diuretic supplement to stimulate the body to release toxins and decrease fluid retention, taking it daily will help the kidneys and the body in general to perform its functions in a healthy way.
Horse tail - 200 tablets

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    Horsetail from Natural Health is an effective supplement to purify the body and lose those extra kilos.

    Horsetail from Natural Health is a diuretic supplement with a great variety of purifying properties for health, as it helps eliminate toxins, bacteria and fungi on the skin, reduces the retention of liquid in the body and is an excellent product for all those who intend to get off weight or toning your body. Due to its composition rich in minerals, vitamins and horsetail plant, this Natural Health supplement has positive effects in many aspects related to the most important organs of the body, such as the kidneys. Usually, a dose reduces the occurrence of stones and helps prevent urinary tract infections.

    Because the kidneys and other organs work properly while taking Horsetail from Natural Health, fluid retention and toxin removal in the bloodstream is not a problem, in addition, these benefits improve the appearance of the skin, fight the hair loss and strengthen the growth of the nails. People who exercise or wish to lose weight can take advantage of this natural supplement and diuretic, since just eating a dose, previously recommended by a nutritionist, can see positive changes in your body, such as: toning muscles, losing excess weight, and relieving tendons and joints. Also the elderly people are benefited with the consumption of the Horsetail from Natural Health given that as one of its properties is to be depurative and antioxidant, is a great ally to prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

     Facts of Horsetail from Natural Health

    • Excellent diuretic and antioxidant
    • Helps eliminate toxins and fluid retention
    • Stimulates weight loss and tones muscles
    • Improves the appearance of the skin and helps to prevent fungus, eczema, blackheads, etc.
    • Strengthens hair and nail growth
    • Prevents the appearance of wrinkles at an early age

    There is nothing better than to offer the body all these advantages in a concentrated and healthy dose, because as we can know, a simple infusion of the plant is not enough to meet the requirements and see positive results, in this case, the best option is to opt for Horsetail from Natural Health and incorporate its intake into the daily diet.

    Recommended Use: One or two tablets a day along with each main meal.

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