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Liver Complex - 90 caps

Hepatic 820mg from Natural Health is a supplement based on vitamins, minerals and natural plant that helps to have a good functioning of the liver, because thanks to its benefits is an excellent protector and detoxifier that will clean the liver system of all highly damaging substances.

    Hepatic 820mg from Natural Health, protection and detoxification of your liver in the most natural and healthy way.

    Hepatic 820mg from Natural Health is a liver, herbal and mineral supplement that helps improve liver function after intense exercise, unhealthy eating, excess medication and toxic substances that prevent good health. The liver is one of the most important organs of the body given that it is in charge of purifying everything we consume, but if these substances are highly harmful it is possible to deteriorate its good functioning, and consequently, we end up suffering from diseases, a good way to protect and detoxify the liver system is to incorporate into our diet routine a dose of Hepatic 820mg from Natural Health.

    People who lead an unhealthy life in which they incur excesses of alcohol, processed food, artificial preservatives, supplements as food substitutes, highly toxic medicines, etc., can revert this unhealthy lifestyle by bringing to their health benefits of a hepatic supplement, in this case, Hepatic 820mg from Natural Health is the ideal to meet the requirements and avoid deterioration in liver functions. Taking liver protectors is significantly vital, even more than we can believe, since it helps regulate enzymes and better synthesize the nutrients that enter the liver. In addition, athletes and people who lead active lives in intense physical training can take advantage of Hepatic 820mg from Natural Health. First, because certain metabolic supplements, which contain steroids or chemical components for muscle development, pass through the liver system, and in many cases, generate vital losses in the proper functioning, however, to the extent that a protector is provided as it is Hepatic 820mg from Natural Health these effects can be attenuated.

    Facts of Hepatic 820mg from Natural Health

    • 90 capsules rich in vitamins, minerals and natural plant extracts
    • Helps protect and detoxify the liver
    • Regulates enzymes and better synthesizes nutrients in the liver system
    • Excellent supplement for athletes who consume metabolic products
    • Improves liver function in general

    Natural Health through a presentation in capsules gives us all the protection we need to purify and detoxify the liver from the consumption of unhealthy substances. It does not matter if we are at work or at home, just incorporating a dose of Hepatic into our diet plan is enough to enjoy good health.

    Recommended Use: Take one capsule before the main meal of the day with plenty of water.

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