Water Loss from Natural Health is made with the best plant extracts and natural ingredients to purify the body, eliminate fluid accumulation and lose excess weight. Drinking it before breakfast is enough to observe all its benefits and have a healthier life.

Water Loss - 90 caps

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Water Loss from Natural Health is the supplement you need to prevent fluid retention and lose those extra pounds.

Water Loss from Natural Health is the ideal dietary supplement for diabetics, athletes and those wishing to lose weight, thanks to its components of plant extracts and natural ingredients prevents fluid retention, improves the appearance of the skin, helps fight cellulite and contributes to the weightloss. Natural Health in a single presentation of approximately 90 capsules brings us all the benefits of Dandelion, dried extracts of gayuba, asparagus, green nettle, watermelon, guarana, green tea and vitamin B6, which are a great ally to improve health of the body and achieve our goals in sports training.

Fluid buildup is a metabolic disorder that can affect people who perform intense workouts, even people who do not exercise but have a disease such as diabetes or pregnant women can retain large amounts of water, either because they consume many foods rich in salt, do not drink enough water, are overweight, take medications with hormones or steroids, etc., however, these symptoms can be reversed by simply incorporating diuretic products into the diet as Water Loss from Natural Health. Usually, fluid accumulation after exercise is common, and more so, when we are starting a training plan, but it is necessary to know that this can avoid muscle growth and toning. The good news is that Natural Health makes available, especially to athletes, all the advantages of an excellent supplement to purify the body, and thus, get the proper performance.

Facts of Water Loss from Natural Health

  • Helps decrease fluid retention
  • Made with natural extracts and vitamin B6
  • Eliminates excess weight and fights cellulite
  • Contributes to a better appearance of the skin
  • Ideal for people with diabetes, overweight and athletes

Many times we do not have the possibility to buy a tea or to buy in a food establishment all the necessary ingredients to detoxify our organism, for this reason, Water Loss from Natural Health is exactly what we need to help our body to clean Toxins in an easy and concentrated way.

Recommended Use: Take one capsule before breakfast with plenty of water.

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