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Crunchy Protein Bar - 40 g

Crunchy Protein Bar from Named Sport is an appetizing sports snack made by Named Sport that will give your days a delicious touch. It contains a high protein value and has a rich milk chocolate coating. This product offers you more than 32% protein per bar, coming from soybeans and milk. It also provides high digestibility.

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    Give your body the protein it needs by eating this succulent Crunchy Protein Bar from Named Sport. Quality and exquisite flavor.

    Crunchy Protein Bar from Named Sport is a delicious snack that has been prepared with 32% protein. In fact, it offers you a high biological value, since its nutritional content comes from a rich combination of isolated soy protein and concentrated milk proteins. That is why this product is pleasant and perfect to supplement post-workout proteins as well as to replace a meal.

    Crunchy Protein Bar from Named Sport is a healthy product that gives a sports diet a good percentage of protein, these nutrients being incredibly essential, especially to nourish the body and thereby promote proper muscle care. They are also substantial for strength and body performance.

    This substantial Crunchy Protein Bar from Named Sport is the bar that most protein provides, as it provides 11 grams of protein per unit, which means more than the daily requirements, and of course, an extremely sufficient amount to enrich the diet. Besides when you eat this tasty snack you offer your body really pure protein, since it does not have excess fats and sugars. It is also free of hydrogenated fats, and its recipe has no palm oil.

    The appetizing Crunchy Protein Bar from Named Sport is made with the most succulent flavor since it has a rich filling, in addition to being coated with milk chocolate. Its texture is very crunchy. It is even entirely suitable to delight just when leaving the training to replenish protein levels and thus facilitate recovery, also to snack, or to replace a substantial meal a day.

    Crunchy Protein Bar from Named Sport is digested very well, mainly because it is a product that enjoys high digestibility. In this way, it assimilates very well its nutritional content, without any percentage of nutritional loss. In addition, the proteins that have been used for its preparation come from the proteins of isolated soybeans and proteins from concentrated milk, both of which are of high biological quality.

    Properties and specifications of Crunchy Protein Bar from Named Sport per bar of 40 g (Cappuccino flavor):

    • Has a coating of white chocolate with sweetener (33%), cocoa butter, full-cream milk powder, natural aroma of vanilla bourbon, condensed milk, milk protein, soy protein isolate, among other ingredients.
    • Has a caloric value of 152 kcal.
    • Provides 7.1 g of fat, of which 4.7 g are saturated.
    • With 16 g of carbohydrates, of which 1.4 g are sugars.
    • With 11 g of protein.
    • With only 0.22 g of salt.

    * These values ​​may vary, depending on taste.

    If you leave home or go to train you cannot stop taking Crunchy Protein Bar from Named Sport. It will be your ideal protein support for the care of your muscles.

    Recommended use: eat 1 Crunchy Protein Bar from Named Sport after exercise, as a delicious snack, or to replace a meal.

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