MyoMax Professional - 1320 g

MyoMax? Professional is the new and more modern version of our formula that includes everything, ends the enigma and makes your ingestion of daily nutritional supplements simpler, to get the maximum effect.
MyoMax Professional - 1320 g

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    What do you take it for? effect improve performance
    How is it taken? Dissolve in liquid and mix
    Size per dose One service
    How many times? Once or twice a day
    When should it be taken? In the morning and / or after training
    Usos Performance increase

    MyoMax? Professional is the new and more modern version of our formula that includes everything, ends the enigma and makes your ingestion of daily nutritional supplements simpler, to get the maximum effect. Consumes this product and be prepared for the increase!

    MyoMax? Professional provides 40 grams of whey protein concentrate and isolate of the best quality (CFM? WPI), all are rich with important microfractions of protein. The formula also contains 9 grams of amino acids, therefore, with the protein, 49 grams of source of amino acids transport nitrogen to muscles.

    It is reinforced with the Matrix of Amino Essential BCAA XPRESS MyoMax? Professional and provides more than 12 grams of amino acids of branched chain per dose which are the first amino acids that are spent during the intensive training and which ?promote? the synthesis of the protein.

    MyoMax? Professional also transports 12 grams of glutamine by dose which is the amino acid that is in muscles in greater amount, for that reason it plays an important role during the increase of the cellular volume, besides it energizes the immunological system. MyoMax? Professional contains our famous matrix G-BOMB super glutamine that does not provide a simple L-glutamine that is spent immediately by the internal, but several more stable forms of glutamine, that are more accessible biologically.

    MyoMax? Professional also contains 7,5 grams of creatine, besides the suitable amount of dextrose, necessary to optimize the use of the creatine. The creatine in this professional version was improved until the popular product the matrix of creatine multi vector ATTACK!

    The arginine is a pre-substance of nitrogen oxide that is in important amounts in the formula of MyoMax? Professional, since it is very effective in the increase of the supplying of blood to tissues and in the oxygen charge of them. Among the effects of nitrogen oxide is also the improvement of the physical ability to work and the diminution of the time of regeneration. In this product, instead of a simple arginine now is the HEMO-NO complex arginine enhancer of nitrogen oxide to assure the maximum transport of nutrients and the incredible heating.

    MyoMax? Professional was also perfected since the new Palatinose? carbohydrate of design was added to the formula, with time-lag absorption and very low sugar index/insulin that provides lasting energy and prevents the diminution of the sugar in the blood.

    If this were not sufficient, MyoMax? Professional contains the new beta-alanine, very important in the increase of the carnosine of the muscle that is a very effective enhancer of force and power!

    Since taurine and a complete scale of vitamin were added, MyoMax? Professional has become the king of meals designed by engineers!


    Directions: Mix a dose with a minimum of 500 ml of liquid. Use the MyoMax? Professional according to your corporal weight and considering your needs of creatine, or like a milkshake substitute of meals. It is recommended 1 or 2 daily takings, on an empty stomach and after the training, in the morning after rising or at any time to replace a complete food.

    Supplement Facts:
    1 dose: 132 g
    Number of dose by package: 10
    Calories: 440 kcal (1840.96 kJ)
    Calories coming from fats: 45 kcal (188.28 kJ)
    % CDR*
    Fats3.5 g 
    Cholesterol60 mgs20%
    Sodium70 mgs3%
    Potassium480 mgs14%
    % CDR*
    Proteins40 g 
    Carbohydrates58 g20%
    Dietetic fiber0 g0%
    Sugar32 g 
    Attack multivector matrix of creatine: Matrix of creatine multi-vectors (tricreatine malate, dicreatine malate, MicronTec monohydrate of micronized grain creatine, creatine-ethyl-ester (the EEC), creatine-orotate7500 mgs

    G-Bomb matrix of glutamine: Acetiladed analogous glutamine: N-Acetil L-glutamine, variant of amino acid of free form: esterify molecule L-glutamine, variant: glutamine-etil-ester4500 mgs

    BCAA Concentration (Isoleucine, Leucine, Valine)2200 mgs ?

    Beta Alanine2000 mgs ?

    Matrix of Hemo NO: AAKG (arginine-alpha-ketoglutarate), arginine-ethyl-ester, AKIC (arginine-ketoisocaproate)2000 mgs ?

    Taurine-ethyl-ester1000 mgs ?

    ? of CDR (recommended daily amount
    ** CDR the recommended daily amount is not established.

    Reviews MyoMax Professional - 1320 g

    • 01/27/2013

    Personalmente no e probado este producto MyoMaxx pero tengo amigos que me lo han recomendado por sus buenos resultados, seguier asi grupo de masmusculo , un saludo

      • 05/16/2015

      Muito bom para pos treino

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