Wok from Muso is a typical Chinese cooking tool that is extremely versatile and useful. It is a pan with concave bottom, designed to be used with the heath quite high. It is made of cast iron, that is, with a fairly traditional material and helps to maintain a better taste of food.

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Wok from Muso

Wok from Muso is an example that the culinary utensils of Chinese culture can be used with great versatility and comfort in our days.

It is a pan with concave bottom at the same time quite wide, with two handles to be able to handle with great ease. Very popular in Cantonese cuisine, it is intended to be used with the heat rather high. Unlike the "modern" pans made of titanium and Teflon, it happens that the woks are made from traditional materials. Manufactured in cast iron, in the traditional way of utensils from Chinese gastronomy. Due to its shape, it is ideal to conserve the maximum of nutrients, heat and flavor quickly and with little oil. In order to handle the food inside, it is preferable to use long chopsticks or other bamboo or wood utensils. This is the way usually used to cook with the wok and thus avoid damaging its surface. It is a necessary piece in any kitchen, especially for lovers of Asian cuisine and those that want to prepare their own dishes in the comfort of their home.

The gastronomy of the Far East is famous for its flavors and combination of ingredients. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most famous in the world. However, it is also popular for the utensils used both in preparation and in tasting. Such is the case of the wok, which is widely reported as a tool for making typical dishes of Cantonese cuisine. However, it is very useful for various preparations, due to its design and shape, as well as the materials with which it is made. Its main advantage is that it has a concave shape, which makes it possible to keep the nutrients of the food in its lower zone, making it mix the flavors and thus obtaining a better quality in the preparation of the food. That way, you get the typical texture of oriental food, which is both moist and at the same time with a great blend in the juice of the various ingredients. In a versatile tool, perfect for any lover of the kitchen and person who likes the recipes of the Far East.

Facts of Wok from Muso

  • Typical utensil of Chinese cuisine
  • Manufactured in cast iron
  • Concave shape
  • Allows mixing of nutrients and flavors
  • Two handles for handling
  • Excellent quality

Thanks to this product you can have a classic tool from Cantonese gastronomy, because it manages to mix the ingredients better due to its peculiar concave shape.

Recommended Use: with high heat. Long utensils are needed to toss food when cooking.

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