Vegetable Knife with Rectangular Tip from Muso is perfect for chopping vegetables with the intention of using them as condiments. It has wooden handle, ergonomic and special to make pressure when cutting. In addition, it has a wide blade and rounded tip. It is used by supporting the tip in the cutting plane and then cutting with the central part of the blade.

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Vegetable Knife with Rectangular Tip from Muso, stainless steel blade.

Vegetable Knife with Rectangular Tip from Muso is a cutting tool, specifically designed to cut vegetables and not any type of ingredient.

In addition, it specializes in the type of cut called "chop", that is, intended to turn the vegetables into small pieces that are then used as seasoning or as raw material for the preparation of sauces. To that effect, it has a continuous blade and serrated teeth, since the latter can damage the texture and presentation of the vegetables by tearing them instead of gently chopping them. It also has a comfortable wooden handle that allows an ergonomic and safe grip of this sharp tool. Likewise, it happens that this handle has the right weight to help pressure and achieve a clean, accurate and highly aesthetic appearance. It is used by supporting the tip in the cutting plane and cutting with the central part of the blade, as if it were a guillotine. For this reason, it has the rounded tip, as it allows to carry out the action of going up and down quickly and safely. For this reason, it can be said that it greatly facilitates the work and allows a great precision to cut any type of vegetables.

There are a variety of knives in the field of kitchen tools. Some of them are the ham, the pestle, the steak, santoku, the panero and the weeder. Each one has its specific characteristics. For example, those for meat are have a continuous blade and a thin tip. The ones that are used for the bread are serrated, small and of heavy handle. The so-called boning knives are thin, curved, smooth-edged, used to remove bones from meat pieces. In turn, there are several types of knives used for vegetables. The ones used to peel or make thick slices are small, strong blade and smooth edged. Instead, the one described herein is to chop legumes and vegetables to use them to season. It is large, with broad blade and rounded tip to use as a guillotine.

Facts of Vegetable Knife with Rectangular Tip from Muso

  • Ergonomic and comfortable
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Efficient wood handle
  • Ideal for vegetables
  • Round tip for best use
  • Strong and long-lasting

With this knife you can chop vegetables with ease. Designed to cut like a small guillotine, rounded tip to raise and lower the center of the edge, generating the necessary pressure to make cuts.

Recommended use: the tip is supported in the cutting plane and then is proceeded to cut with the central part of a blade.

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