Ume (umeboshi concentrate) from Muso is a natural jelly obtained from umeboshi plums, which has an acidic flavor but not salty to accompany cooked dishes or drinks. Its regular consumption is ideal to improve health incredibly, in addition, it is rich in antioxidants to enjoy even many more advantages.

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Ume (umeboshi concentrate) from Muso contains little salt and with high healthy power in the organism.

Ume (umeboshi concentrate) from Muso is a natural jelly made from umeboshi plums, obtained after a long cooking of plum liquid without bones to achieve a consistency similar to syrup.

The main advantage of this supplement is that it contains the same properties of plums, but they are reduced in salt to enjoy their consumption to the maximum and in a very healthy way. Incorporating a small portion into infusions or certain foods is ideal for enjoying good stomach health, relieving headaches and preventing fatigue. Ume plum has been used over the years in Chinese and Japanese medicine because thanks to its powerful acidity has an alkalizing effect on the body, it also includes an antiseptic, fortifying, digestive stimulant and detoxifying action. To that effect, eating regularly Umeboshi Concentrate would be a wise decision to improve health or contribute to its proper maintenance.

Another important feature of Umeboshi Concentrate is that it has an incredible percentage of antioxidants, which makes it ideal for providing energy, protecting body cells, contributing to intestinal digestion and controlling blood sugar levels. Likewise, it has an excellent content of iron and vitamins, so it supports the nervous system, metabolism and strengthening of the immune system. Normally, Ume (umeboshi concentrate) from Muso has an acidic, but not salty touch, for people on low salt diets. This extract with peculiar flavor can be eaten in the daily diet, accompanied with drinks or cooked dishes. Its common use is recommended to flavor rice, vegetables, fish or meat. It is also nice to drink with a cup of green tea or spread on slices of bread, so you can enjoy delicious appetizers or healthy snacks.

Facts of Ume (umeboshi concentrate) from Muso

  • Concentrated Umeboshi Plum Extract
  • Flavor acidulated but not salted
  • Improves health and contributes to its maintenance
  • Suitable for low salt diets
  • Consistency similar to syrup
  • Ideal to accompany with cooked dishes or infusions
  • Comfortable pack of 40 g

In nature, it is possible to find everything that we need to improve our health, that is why, Ume (umeboshi concentrate) from Muso is an adequate alternative to favor the correct operation of the organism and at the same time to enjoy its peculiar touch in the meals.

Recommended Use: with the tip of a teaspoon, take a small serving and add to cooked dishes such as steamed vegetables, rice, fish or meats. It can also be added to infusions or spread on slices of bread.

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