Surikogi nº6 - 18cm from Muso is a mortar stick typical of Japanese cuisine. Very comfortable and economical. Extremely sturdy and versatile. Ideal for grinding ingredients with the intention of extracting the juice or mixing them to achieve a correct realization of recipes where it is necessary that the flavors intertwine to eat tasty food.

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    Surikogi nº6 - 18cm from Muso

    Surikogi nº6 - 18cm from Muso allows us to have in our kitchen one of the typical tools of traditional Japanese cuisine. It is widely used in Japan and is made of wood. It is a mortar stick that helps to crush the ingredients and give them the format required for the culinary preparations.

    Despite it is mostly used to prepare gomasio, it is also frequently used in a variety of recipes in which the components must be well crushed to extract their juices and their flavor to fullness. When used in the western kitchen, it is very useful for grinding seed, pulverizing cereals, making vegetable burgers, seasoning and making mass with meat. For the latter, it is recommended to add egg or flour around the edge of the container. Owning the product Surikogi nº6 - 18cm from Muso allows you to have a comfortable tool, which stands out for its versatility and at the same time allows you to have a classic piece of the Japanese culture. In addition, it is elegant and manufactured with great quality, so it is widely recommended for all lovers of gastronomy.

    Each culture generates its own manifestations in different areas. Gastronomy is one of them. Such is the case of Japanese food, which is recognized for its flavor and the use of recurring ingredients, such as rice, fish and various types of sauces that give a very special touch to the palate. In order to make these recipes have the impact that people like so much, in Japan there are also specific cooking tools for each culinary task. One of these tools is the Surikogi, name with which is known a wooden mortar stick very used to combine with help of the Suribachi. The latter is a mortar made from ceramics and has the peculiarity that it is not smooth, but has a grooved interior, so that it facilitates the grinding of ingredients to obtain their juice or simply mix them together. This mortar stick is comfortable, ergonomic and very resistant. It does not stain and also does not release splinters or flavors, so it is perfect for the work of the kitchen in general.

    Facts of Surikogi nº6 - 18cm from Muso

    • Wooden mortar stick
    • Comfortable and ergonomic
    • Resistant
    • Allows grinding of ingredients with ease
    • Typical Japanese tool

    With this tool you can crush different ingredients to extract all its juice and its flavor with great quality. Therefore, it is useful to have it in any kitchen, as it is very versatile.

    Recommended Use: wash after use, to prevent it from being impregnated and dirty with the juice of the crushed ingredients.

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