Plum Balls from Muso are a nutritional supplement with a rich flavor to taste; An ecological fruit that gives an excellent contribution of nutrients for the organism. In addition, when combined with the yam plant will bring great improvements to the digestive system and thus you can enjoy a very good health.

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Plum Balls from Muso helps you improve your digestive system and keeps your liver health protected.

Plum Balls from Muso are balls very easy to swallow, composed of a concentrate of Ume plum and Jinjenjo (dicorea or wild yam) powder. Jinjenjo is a traditional herb, and its powder is a digestive aid and very beneficial for the kidneys and liver. Ume plum has always been used as a dietary supplement for centuries in Japan and China. Ume plum balls provide alkaline minerals, which in the presence of citric acid and other organic acids, which are also found in Ume plums, combine easily with the minerals of the food we eat daily, ensuring a better absorption of minerals in our body.

Plum Balls from Muso are ideal for effectively treating the lactic acid that builds up in the body that causes fatigue and other symptoms that ultimately makes you feel tired and upset. These balls serve to improve cell life, improve metabolism, is special in case of feeling dizzy, and to implement diet and liver health. For this reason these balls are advisable for any person.

Plum Balls from Muso are also used as a digestive aid, to increase saliva, counteracting dizziness during travel, and even as a cure for hangover. Picric acid in Ume concentrate improves liver function and helps break down alcohol into the liver. It is a perfect way to taste an organic fruit and benefit from the more than interesting contribution of nutrients for the body. The combination of the aforementioned plum with the plant also known as yam provokes a combination of properties that will improve the digestive system.

Facts of Plum Balls from Muso

  • Improves digestive system
  • Ideal to counteract feelings of dizziness
  • Helps improve liver health
  • Easy absorption of minerals
  • Helps improve cellular life
  • Great taste
  • Excellent quality

Plum Balls from Muso will allow you to have a digestive system in perfect conditions, in an organic way. It will also help relieve that feeling of tiredness and discomfort caused by stress, work or sports activity, while allowing you to counteract feelings of dizziness during your travels. Feel full of energy at all times, naturally and totally healthy with this wonderful product.

Recommended Use: as a food product consume about 3 g a day.

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