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List of products by brand Muso

The company MUSO is Japanese. It is based on the principles of Macrobiotics, that is, in the production of foods that have not been treated in an industrial way. It has the important OCIA certification, which guarantees that its products are 100% natural. Its offer includes sea vegetables, dried products, pickles, teas, soy milk, snacks and many more. Undoubtedly, an excellent option for those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle powered by nutrition.

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The company MUSO is of Japanese origin. It is based on the principles of Macrobiotics, that is, in the production of foods that have not been treated in an industrial way. This company was created 30 years ago, by Shuzo Okada (who was the father of Yuko Okada and current president of MUSO Co., Ltd. International).

It is important to note that the founder of MUSO, Shuzo Okada was director for 20 years of the "Shokuyo Shinsei-kai" (Macrobiotic Association) in the city of Sakai, in the Osaka region, in Japan. In this sense, when he managed to create his own company he did so with a long experience that allowed him to innovate in this area.

The MUSO Group consists of three divisions: its national distribution area, the sector dedicated to the manufacture of macrobiotic foods, and finally the MUSO Co., Ltd. (International) education division. Because the MUSO Group is based on the principles of macrobiotics, its commitment to quality and the desire to disseminate a new food culture makes it strive to teach about the importance of its activities.

From the beginning, MUSO is based on macrobiotic principles. Therefore, it assumes that maintaining the natural integrity of the food is the key to its offering to the public. Therefore, to understand the ideas and proposals of this company well, it is necessary to make clear what macrobiotics is. This can be defined as: "a food pattern based mostly on vegetable products, which have not been preserved or manufactured by chemical processes, do not contain preservatives or any additives typical of industrial production."

In this regard, MUSO has facilities where fresh products are produced. Does not use preservatives or chemicals of any kind. Neither it does add artificial flavorings nor grind the food or mix it, as it is done with sausages and pickles. Its processes are very clean and try to intervene as little as possible the food offered to the public. Eating a MUSO product is almost like consuming something that comes directly from nature.

Nowadays, products that are labeled "organic" must be certified. Therefore, in 1989, MUSO obtained the OCIA certification (Organic Crop Improvement Association) for its main products such as soy sauce, miso, tea, etc. It is an endorsement that guarantees that MUSO's offer to the public is absolutely natural.

Among the products offered by this company we can mention: marine vegetables, dry products, pickles, teas, soy milk, snacks, soups, beans and grains in general. It even has a range of kitchenware that includes cups, coffee makers and other utensils. Likewise, it makes available various objects of Japanese culture, with the firm conviction that food supplements life in an integral way, achieving a total balance in the lives of people.