Sport Flex Plus from Muscletech is perfect for healthy joints. It manages to endow the body with joint resistance, as well as mobility and great range of motion. In this way, it is 100% possible to have a more harmonious, fast and highly agile body performance. It provides Vitamin D, Calcium and the so-called Collagen type II (UC-II).

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Sport Flex Plus from Muscletech, excellent fuel for joint function.

Sport Flex Plus from Muscletech is a product designed for the use of those who do sports that require a high range of mobility.

Its main function is to act on the joints, making them enjoy greater breadth and mobility. To achieve its objectives is made from the combination of a number of substances that combine and therefore achieve high efficiency. First, we have the presence of vitamin D and calcium to strengthen the joint system and make them much stronger. However, the key to flexibility comes from a very particular substance. We refer to the UC-II, which is the name with which collagen type II, a triple helix molecule, which function is to be the protein for the structure of the cartilage, and is therefore responsible for its tensile strength and its resistance to repetition. It is important to note that about 90% of the joints in the human body are composed of collagen and therefore it wears out. In order to always maintain adequate levels of it, supplements such as the one described herein are required, which also enhance the motor capacity of these parts of the body.

Those who do gymnastics or should move with agility in sports such as football, require strong and elastic joints and with wide range of movements at all times. To achieve this, Sport Flex Plus from Muscletech was created. In the first instance, this dietary supplement contains a high dose of vitamin D, which helps prevent joint pain and make people resist whenever they perform different movements. It also provides calcium with the intention of structurally reinforcing the bone area of ​​the joints. However, it is in the region of articular cartilage that special attention is needed to achieve amplitude of movement. This is achieved thanks to the fact that this product incorporates the so-called collagen type II (UC-II), which is the essential component of the cartilage present in the joints of the body of humans. In this way, it is possible to give greater resistance, solidity and flexibility to those who need them to meet goals of an athletic nature. Therefore, it is 100% recommended and should be used for a better body performance.

Facts of Sport Flex Plus from Muscletech

  • Ideal for joints
  • Improves flexibility and range
  • Provides vitamin D
  • Calcium to strengthen structurally
  • With collagen type III (UC-II)
  • Perfect for skill and movement

The joints allow the body to mobilize, which is why they are the key to sports activity. That is why you have to ensure your health, strength, endurance and motive ability.

Recommended Use: take two capsules a day, always after the main meals.

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