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Pro Series Myobuild 4x - 320 g

Pro Series Myobuild 4x from Muscletech is a post-workout supplement containing a scientifically studied dose of instant BCAAs in a 4:1:1 ratio, together with betaine, taurine, tart cherry concentrate and coconut water, designed to help build muscle mass, increase strength, improve recovery and decrease catabolic activity.

    Pro Series Myobuild 4x from Muscletech makes your muscles stronger and increases recovery after training!

    Pro Series Myobuild 4x from Muscletech contains a potent post-workout formula based on carefully balanced amounts of branched-chain amino acids designed to protect muscle mass gains and promote recovery, together with the electrolytes provided by coconut water to replenish mineral salts lost to sweating during sports practice in order to favor hydration.

    Additional ingredients of Pro Series Myobuild 4x from Muscletech include Betaine, which increases muscle oxygenation and the transport of nutrients such as amino acids, consequently increasing endurance and strength during physical activities to the point that sports performance and muscle capacity are significantly enhanced.

    Another ingredient is tart cherry concentrate, which exhibits a powerful anti-inflammatory activity that reduces post-workout joint and muscle pain in athletes and joggers alike, making it an excellent aid for speeding up muscle recovery.

    Pro Series Myobuild 4x from Muscletech is enriched in antioxidant anthocyanins, potent accelerators of muscle recovery after hard training sessions, and taurine, which supports the growth of muscle fibers and improves glucose tolerance as well as insulin sensitivity, consequently increasing muscle glycogen stores. Taurine also strengthens the immune system against viruses and bacteria, and its antioxidant power contributes to counteract the damaging effect of free radicals.

    Essentials of the Pro Series Myobuild 4x from Muscletech:

    • Supplement containing branched-chain amino acids, taurine, tart cherry concentrate, betaine and coconut water.
    • Helps muscle building and repair.
    • Confers noticeable improvements in endurance and strength from the very first dose.
    • Enhances muscle performance.
    • Four-fold increase in muscle mass growth.
    • Reduces joint and muscle pain.
    • Accelerates recovery and combats muscle wasting.
    • Keeps optimal hydration levels.

    What does Pro Series Myobuild 4x from Muscletech provide?

    Pro Series Myobuild 4x from Muscletech is a dietary supplement conveniently presented as a powder that dissolves easily and flaunts a delicious fruit punch flavor. It is based on a formula enriched with all necessary electrolytes to support muscle function.

    Content per dose (9 g):

    • 1 g of carbohydrates, of which 120 mg is sodium and 25 mg is potassium.
    • 2 g of instant L-leucine.
    • 500 mg of instant L-isoleucine.
    • 500 mg of instant L-valine.
    • 1.25 g of anhydrous betaine.
    • 1 g of taurine.
    • 100 mg of coconut water, among other ingredients.

    Why take Pro Series Myobuild 4x from Muscletech?

    Pro Series Myobuild 4x from Muscletech improves strength, enhances performance, and lengthens the size and girth of muscle cells, thereby increasing muscle volume and favoring muscle development and repair. Also, it restores depleted energy levels, delaying tiredness and fatigue.

    Pro Series Myobuild 4x from Muscletech is ideal for active men and women looking to build strength and increase muscle mass while improving endurance and performance.

    Recommended use of Pro Series Myobuild 4x from Muscletech:

    • Mix 9 g into 240 to 300 ml of cold water or any other drink.
    • Take immediately after training.
    • Take once a day.
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