Pro Clinical Hydroxycut - 72 Cápsulas

Pro Clinical Hydroxycut is an innovative sports supplement created by Muscletech. It contains a formula of thermogenic action specially designed for weight control and promote fat loss. This supplement applies perfectly to a program of active and healthy life, also increases the level of energy and thus improving training session.

Pro clinical hydroxycut - 72 caps

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Pro Clinical Hydroxycut from Muscletech stimulates the reduction of body fat and increases energy, achieving optimal physical performance.

Muscletech has designed a formulation of effective thermogenic action for weight control and fat loss. In addition, it boosts the level of energy and motivation, improving performance during physical activity. 

Pro Clinical Hydroxycut from Muscletech contains a patented formula Pro Clinical Hydroxycut. This formula also has anhydrous caffeine extract Alquemila, Olivo, Cumin, Mint and concentrate of Acerola, Goji and Blueberry.

MuscleTech formula is coated with quick-release capsules, which achieve better absorption.

Pro Clinical Hydroxycut combines several ingredients that stimulate weight loss because it increases the ability of energy expenditure. This formula contains HydroxyBoost ™, which is anhydrous caffeine that is responsible for mobilizing fat acting as a thermogenic. Also it benefits the central nervous system, because it reduces fatigue and increases energy. Hydroxyprovia ™, which has Alquilema extract, rich in tannins, which promotes circulation and protects capillaries. It also has a diuretic action. It has also Olivo extract, Mint extract and Cumin extract. Hydroxagen® has Acerola's concentrate rich in vitamin C, used as an antioxidant. Goji extract, Blueberry extract and extract of Granada that stimulates vasodilation and circulation.

Pro Clinical Hydroxycut from Muscletech is also enriched with vitamin C and calcium. It is a product that increases energy levels and maintains the health of the body. It is ideal for use in plans of muscle definition, weight loss and fat burning.

Facts of Pro Clinical Hydroxycut from Muscletech

  • It stimulates thermogenesis, helps mobilization and fat burning.
  • It is ideal for weight loss, increases basal metabolism and stimulates the energy metabolism.

Pro Clinical Hydroxycut from Muscletech is specially designed to reduce body weight. It is a nutritional supplement that should be in your diet during training for muscle definition.

Recommended use: Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Muscletech should be ingested one capsule three times a day, the first three days to assess the level of tolerance. A dose half an hour before training. After day 4, two capsules must be ingested with a glass of water half an hour before the three main meals. It should not take more than four capsules per day. It can be combined with a low calorie diet. It can also be combined with products that maintain muscle mass, such as branched chain amino acids, essential amino acids, HMB or protein isolate. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day.

Reviews Pro Clinical Hydroxycut - 72 Cápsulas

  • 06/09/2017

Veremos a ver el resultado

    • 08/09/2017

    Muy buen producto,ya lo probé una vez y me fue muy bien por eso lo he vuelto a probar,y además a un precio mucho más bajo de lo que me costó la primera vez,lo recomiendo

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