Nitro Tech Casein Gold is a product of the famous Muscletech brand, which has won the trust of many consumers thanks to its products of incessant quality over the years. Nitro Tech Casein Gold is made from the richest sources of protein and casein quality in the market, ensuring the best nutrition, increase and muscle recovery.

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Nitro Tech Casein Gold: The most healthy and efficient way to gain muscle has arrived!

Nitro Tech Casein Gold by Muscletech is a protein supplement based on the use of the highest quality caseins, thus guaranteeing one of the best nutritional protein supplements in the industry. Muscletech has focused a lot to ensure that thanks to this product, its customers can enjoy a healthier protein supplement, with fewer sugars, fats and carbohydrates than others, but still without compromising its delicious flavor in each of its varieties, while similarly nourishes and nourishes our muscles for approximately 8 hours with proteins, nutrients and BCAAs.

Nitro Tech Casein Gold by Muscletech Properties

  • It contains approximately 24g of protein per serving.
  • Contains BCAA, promoting muscle repair.
  • Nourishes and nourishes the muscles for 8 hours.
  • It contains less amount of sugars and fats per serving than other products.
  • It comes in a variety of flavors such as: Supreme Chocolate, Creamy Vanilla and Cookies with Cream.

Nitro Tech Casein Gold ingredients

In each take of Nitro Tech Casein Gold (A spoonful with 36g) we can find:

  • 24g of Proteins.
  • 2g of Carbohydrates.
  • 0.5g of Fat.
  • 610mg of Calcium.
  • 170mg of Sodium.
  • 0.81mg of Iron.

These values may vary according to the taste.

Main benefits of the Muscletech Nitro Tech Casein Gold

The main benefit of Nitro Tech Casein Gold is the fact that thanks to its fundamental base of proteins from the highest quality casein, this product is able to guarantee us one of the best sources of growth, nutrition and muscle repair in the world. supplement market. But why choose Nitro Tech Casein Gold over other products? Because the casein present in this supplement is a type of protein that works in a slow but continuous way, ensuring that our body receives the necessary nutrients and elements for a full period of 8 hours. That is why it is recommended that this type of supplements be taken before sleep, when we do not force the body to other functions and this can focus only on repairing and feeding the muscles taking advantage of the fact that we are in a state of rest.

Nitro Tech Casein Gold is a product that can be taken by all types of adults who participate in physical activities, men and women such as:

  • High performance athletes.
  • Weightlifters Bodybuilders
  • Endurance athletes.
  • Anyone looking to increase their protein intake.

How to consume the Nitro Tech Casein Gold?

  • The amount per intake of this product should be approximately 36g (One tablespoon) in 300ml of water or skimmed milk.
  • This product should be taken preferably, always before sleep or after workouts.
  • Only once a day.

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