The Mission1 Bar from MuscleTech is an exquisite protein bar made by MuscleTech. It contains a formula with pure protein that is ideal for athletes who train very intense and need to meet the daily nutritional requirements. The Mission1 Bar from MuscleTech has an amazing flavor and is developed with top quality ingredients.

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    What do you take it for? Formula meal replacer
    How is it taken? Open and eat
    Size per dose One service
    How many times? Once or twice a day
    When should it be taken? At any time of the day
    Usos Feeding

    Mission1 Bar from MuscleTech has been designed to help complete protein requirements in intense workouts.

    MuscleTech has developed this formula based on high quality proteins and clean carbohydrates.

    This nutritional supplement is a higher protein bar that provides the highest quality ingredients and a fabulous taste. The formula of Mission1 Bar delivers from 17 to 20 grams of fiber, has only 5 grams or less net carbohydrates and contains no artificial flavor or color. It does not contain collagen, gelatin or rice syrup.

    The Mission1 Bar from MuscleTech contains no artificial flavor, is sweetened with Stevia. The formula of the Mission1 Bar is achieved with raw material of 100% protein isolate from milk. It is a raw material with cleaner carbohydrates that provide energy. Only provides 210 calories and has zero fill, this is a combination of high nutritional quality prefered by athletes. The Mission1 Bar from MuscleTech is sweetened with stevia and delivers only 1 gram of sugar in each flavor. It is a nutritional supplement that can be consumed every day.

    This product from MuscleTech contains protein and fiber in its formula, achieving an ideal combination of ingredients to achieve euphoria of taste and nutrition that no other protein bar in the market can exceed. It contains 100% protein isolates and contains neither gluten or artificial flavors.

    The Mission1 Bar is developed only with high-quality products, 100% whey protein isolate obtained by microfiltration, without using milk from lower sources such as gelatin or collagen. It also provides the body with healthy fiber with only net carbohydrates. It is a product that uses stevia as a sweetener.

    The Mission1 Bar from MuscleTech has a pleasant taste and soft texture. It is full of proteins and carbohydrates, making a burst of energy in the body, necessary to raise the energy level and optimize performance in each training or daily activities.

    This energy bar from MuscleTech has been made with a formula of 100% high quality whey protein isolate, obtained by ultrafiltration. It also has fiber, carbohydrates and is sweetened with stevia.

    Facts of Mission1 Bar from MuscleTech

    • It provides protein of high biological value to the body and helps in the process of weight loss.
    • This product is sweetened with stevia and contains neither artificial flavor nor color.

    The Mission1 Bar from MuscleTech provides the body with energy, in order to train more intensely and obtain optimal results. You can take the Mission1 Bar everywhere and consume anytime. 

    Recommended use: The Mission1 Bar from MuscleTech can be ingested between meals as a dietary supplement. It should be ingested before and after training to maintain the appropriate level of energy. It also helps cover the daily protein requirements.


    Reviews Mission1 Bar - 60g

    • 10/10/2016

    Muy buenas

      • 08/17/2016

      Desiludiu-me, sabor, textura não muito agradáveis. O que vale é as macros

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